PP PE plastic surface flame treatment machine for pipe sheet flame surface treatment

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Product Overview


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GS-700-2HPM Flame Treatment Machine (GSI Flame Treatment)

The flame pretreatment machine produced by Beicang Machinery has advanced flame application technology. With a decade years experience in R&D and production, we are able to combine our advanced combustion safety control system with other components to present the flame treatment machine to you. Each machine is well assembled, strictly inspected and tested to ensure the high quality before leaving the factory. We are proud of our excellent combustion safety control system and other differernt components.


Industry Application

Large plane (wide format) flame treatment technology is the advantage of Beicang, which improves the adhesion of printing and coating; PP hollow blow molding board surface flame treatment, PP sheet flame treatment; basketball board flame treatment and other flat products before silk printing.



1. Choose high-temperature resistant & corrosion-resistant conveyer belt.

2. You can adjust the angle of four groups of nozzles freely to meet the needs for the surface treatment of different shapes.

3. This flame system adopts PLC microcomputer electrical control.

4. Transmission part adopts advanced stepping motor. Frequency conversion speed control way can adjust the speed to meet the different requirements.

5. Beicang's patented flame burner spraying process design.Effectively make fuel utilization more efficient.

6.This system can use fuel LPG (liquefied gas) or Natural GAS (natural gas); to ensure the safety of this system, a solenoid valve design is used on the gas circuit to ensure the gas can be shut off reliably.

7.Adjustable rotation speed; Automatic ignition device; Adjustable stepping speed; Protection cover; Gas leakage monitor


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Technical parameter

Combustion nozzle size: 700*13MM (NO.GS-700AHC) two groups

Combustion gas: LNG liquefied natural gas

Gas calorific value: LNG: 8700Kcal/m³

Maximum gas consumption: about LNG: 150L/min

Air consumption—maximum: 75m³/hr

Ignition mode, manual and automatic dual mode switching; controllable frequency of ignition and flameout

Combustion gas: compressed air 6KGf/CM2

Control voltage: 220V/50Hz;

Conveyor belt speed: 1-11m/min

Adjustment method: crawler stepless speed regulation

Safety method: equipped with gas leakage monitor

Conveyor belt size: 2500×800mm (length×width)

Dimensions: 2500×1050×1500mm (length×width×height)

Weight: 380KG

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