GPRS Smart Diaphragm Gas Meter with high gain built in antenna (1600328694694)

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Goldcard Smart Group Co., Ltd. is one of the leading smart utility solution providers, with IoT products and services covering gas,
water, electricity, smart home, etc. Goldcard is now providing smart solutions to more than 3500 utility companies in 40 countries,
with accumulated IoT smart meters installation over 20 million units.




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1)IP 65

2)Automatic remote meter reading system.

3)Smart gas meter, GPRS 2G.




3.IOT Operation Management Platform

1)Real-time remote monitor data and operation status.
2)Support remote payment; online payment; mobile payment.
3)Communication with SMS Platform or Service Center; Improve customer service and quality control.
4)Support multi-tier pricing mechanism
5)Remote control valve and ensure safety.
6)Improve information system and analysis ability level.
Remote smart gas control system mainly consists of three parts: the hardware part of data acquisition, the network transmission part and the software processing part. Collecting the data acquisition module in part collect the data from gas meter by a certain communication protocol method; Data is based on GPRS/CDMA/3G network, and sent that to Data Monitoring Center; Data Center can use computer communication, information management and database system to real-time monitoring the gas meter’s working status on customer sides. This system not only can collect real-time data (including the flow, temperature, pressure and other information), but also can carry out real-time information monitoring, data analysis and statistics. It also can remote charge and control gas meter. It can adjust price for multi-tier pricing mechanism. And it also can alarm when the smart gas meter has abnormal information.The topology diagram of GPRS/CDMA remote smart gas control system is as the follows:


IOT Operation Management



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4.Certification OIML R137-2012



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