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Product Overview


Features Of Multi-parameter Analyzer

Customized multi-parameter analyzer
Daruifuno MCC200 analyzer has 4 digital channels, it can be connected with upto 4 digital sensors. The measuring parameters can be pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, TDS, salinity, turbidity or chlorine.
Different measurement range
The MCC200 controller can be connected with different electrodes to realize the measurement. The measuring range is determined by different sensors.

Accurate and stable data
MCC200 requires these authorized sensors to upload the detected data in a special encrypted communication way to ensure that the controller can collect high-precision data more stably.

Communication and control
The MCC200 multi-parameter water quality analyzer has a RS485 interface and the communication protocol is Modbus RTU. The water tester has a wash relay for control the cleaning of the sensors with brush.
Various installation methods
The dimension of the controller is 144*144*120mm, support wall mount, pipe clamping, panel.

Specification Of Multi-parameter Analyzer

Product Name
Multi-parameter Water Quality Meter
Product Model
Brand Name
Detection Object
pH, ORP, Temp, conductivity, TDS, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorine
pH Sensor
principle: glass electrode method
range: 0~14pH, 0~50℃
accuracy: 0.01pH
Conductivity Sensor
principle: 2-electrode or 4-electrode
range: 0~10mS/cm automatic switching, 0~50℃
accuracy: 1% of the measuring range
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
principle: fluorescence method
range: 0~20mg/L, 0~50℃
accuracy: ±0.1mg/L 
Turbidity Sensor
principle: infrared 850nm 90° scattered light method
range: 0~1000NTU, 0~4000NTU
accuracy: <±1% of the measuring range
Configuration Information
Power failure protection, indefinite retention of parameters
TEMP Sensor Input
PT1000 or NTC10K
Temperature Compensation
Automatic or manual
Operating Temperature
0~60℃ RH<95%
Storage Temperature
-20~70℃ RH<55%
Relay Output
Wash control, max. Load 3A/250V AC
Communication Method
RS485 interface
Communication Protocol
Modbus RTU, support JSON text
Time/Data Logging
Accurate to the second, record 7800 historical data, support data download
Recording interval can be set between 1 and 999 minutes
3.2 inch 128*64 LCD screen
Protection Grade
Enhanced ABS
wall mounting, pipe clamp, panel mounting (open hole size 138*138mm)
Power Supply
AC: 100~240V, 50/60Hz DC: 18~36V
Power Consumption


1. What data can be measured by your multi-parameter analyzer and can it be customized?
A: Our MCC100 model multi-parameter analyzer has 4 digital channels, it can connect with pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity sensors. The temperature will display at the same time. If you want to change one or more parameters, you can contact us, we will customized for you.

2. Do you have any sensors for this multi-parameter controller?
A: Certainly. We have different measuring range sensors designed for this controller. They are high quality digital sensors. Our company has pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorine, COD, BGA, etc. sensors.

3. Can your instrument achieve data output?
A: The multi-parameter water quality meter has a two-wire RS485 interface, the communication protocol is standard MODBUS RTU, and it can support JavaScript Object Notation text data format.


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