Contec SC11 Doctor Nurse Medical Heart Cardiology Diagnostic Device Single Head stethoscope price

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SC11 Stethoscope Single Head

1. Intended use and characteristic
Intended use: it is used to collect and amplify the sound inside body organs like heart, lung, arteries, vein, etc., which is applicable for use in hospital, clinic, examination institution, ambulance, home and camping rescue, etc.
Contraindications: no
100 Hz ~ 500 Hz as the reference of the testing sound source:
Outer diameter of auscultation head ≤ 35 mm, damping ≤ 30 dB
Outer diameter of auscultation head > 35 mm, damping ≤ 16 dB
500 Hz ~ 1000 Hz as the reference of the testing sound source:
Outer diameter of auscultation head ≤ 35 mm, damping ≤ 25 dB
Outer diameter of auscultation head > 35 mm, damping ≤ 20 dB

2. Structure
It is composed of auscultation head, hose and earring.

3. Use method
1) Open the packaging to take out the device, check whether the connection among each component is well.
2) Adjust the elasticity of the spring sheet to a comfortable position according to the distance of ears, pull the earring to both sides to loosen them (as Figure 1), otherwise to tighten them (as Figure 2).
3) Wear earring and earplugs: before wearing the earring, stretch the earring outward (as Figure 3), the metal auscultation hose should be worn leaning forward, when placing the earplugs to the external auditory canals, as the shape of ears and the size of ear canals for everyone are different, the earplugs and external auditory canals should fit closely (as Figure 4), otherwise the comfort and effect of auscultation will be affected. The wrong auscultation posture is not good for auscultation, such as wearing the earring in the reverse direction (as Figure 5).
4) Tap the diaphragm to hear the effect of sound. only one auscultation surface is activated when auscultating with a double use stethoscope, turn 180°of the auscultation head to adjust the required auscultation surface.

4. Precaution
1) Don't place the device in environment with high temperature, low temperature, chemical solvents and oils..
2) Do not expose the device into the sunlight directly for a long time.
3) Do not immerse the device into any liquid, and high temperature disinfection is not permitted.
4) When using, please don’t beat the device hard to avoid damaging the diaphragm (replace the accessory in time if damaged).
5) Handle with care, do not fall, to avoid any damage to the device, affects the auscultation effect and appearance.
6) Do not disassemble or assemble the rotating shaft by yourself, to avoid affecting the accuracy.
7) Please clean the dirt in the earplugs periodically to avoid affecting the auscultation effect.
8) If the accident occurs during using, please call the emergency hotline immediately and seek help from the medical professional.

5. Others
Replacement of diaphragm: unscrew the clamping ring on the auscultation head to take out the old diaphragm, then place the new one into the clamping ring, after installing the clamping ring properly, please ensure that there is no obvious looseness for the diaphragm.
Replacement of earplugs: unplug or unscrew the old earplugs, insert or rotate the new one properly.
Maintenance method: use a soft cloth dipped alcohol to disinfect.
Transport and storage environment:
Temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
Relative humidity: 10 % ~ 80 %
Service life: 5 years
Date of manufacture: see the packaging
* The actual service life depends on daily use frequency, storage environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) and storage method, please use and store it reasonably.
Warning: the disposal of the device, components and optional accessories should follow the local laws and regulations, as improper disposal may pollute the environment.

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