Mixture Of Hydrocarbons Mapp Gas for sale best price high quality burning gas for professional net weight 16OZ/453.6g

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Mixture Of Hydrocarbons Mapp Gas for sale


Product Description


MAPP GAS is a mixture of propyne and propadiene. Mainly for industrial gas cutting. His flame has excellent properties. The flame temperature is extremely high,the temperature can reach 2200-2400 degrees Celsius MAPP GAS than propane usage time length more than 30%.


Product Description:

1.MAPP GAS welding conditions in the absence of oxygen for combustion, the combustion temperature can be reached more than 1250 °C.

2. MAPP GAS is the patented formula developed by my company after years of gas.

Diameter 75mm, high 267 mm, gross weight 980g, easy one-hand welding, easy to carry

4.The mixing ratio of the science, good flame properties, in order to ensure welding effect, shorten the work time.

5.Under normal working conditions, can reach more than 2 hours 40 minutes, the continuous burning time.


Model Product Description:

1.TA welding torch applied to Mapp gas with electronic ignition function

2.T-B applies Mapp gas torch

3.16 oz / FCG-001 Mapp gas bottle



1.Temperature can reach 1300C 
2.Conforms to EN12205. 
3.CGA600 connection. 
4.Trial order is welcome.






1.High temprature resistance.

2.Convenient to use,do not need to adjust the proportion of oxygen like acetylene.



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