Бесконечный модульный Интеллектуальный газовый счетчик

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INFINITY is a series of smart gas meters designed following EU standards and referring to large scale smart meter application experiences in Asia-Pacific countries. It supports multi-type communication technologies: GPRS, NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, etc., and with communication modules replaceable onsite without changing basic meter or upgrading meter firmware. The modular design improves meter adaptability to future communication technologies, guaranteeing ROI for meter assets, assisting in global utility digital transformation.
This manual provides use and maintenance instructions for the INFINITY JGDxS-M series smart meters. JGDxS-M smart meters support different flow rates: G 1.6 /2.5 /4 /6 /10 /16 /25, applicable for measurement in domestic or industrial and commercial occasions. It incorporates a mechanical diaphragm gas volume metering device with an electronic smart controller to realize accurate metering, data processing, as well as valve control with system._16312379405600.png_16312379868819.png

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