198 79 21320 forging replacement parts ripper shank for dozer (1600332455968)

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Product Overview


198-79-21320 forging replacement parts ripper shank for dozer
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Product Description

The through-forging ripper shank production process can guarantee the surface quality on the basis of the tolerances of the width and thickness. The steel ingot is forged and formed on a press, which can eliminate defects such as casting loose during the smelting process, optimize the micro structure, and ensure the continuous distribution of metal streamlines along the contour of the part; at the same time , no longer limited by the thickness of the steel plate when cutting materials, the larger thickness,
the stronger performance, forging shank can get unprecedented durability and economy.
198-79-21320 forging replacement parts ripper shank for dozer

Shandong Higher Blades Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Name
198-79-21320 forging replacement parts ripper shank for dozer
Alloy steel(35CrMo)
Black or yellow or your customised one
Delivery Time
Within 15-30 days after contract established

Production Process

Steel ingot stocking → cutting → forging → heat treatment → machining (milling bevel, drilling, repairing) → heat treatment (quenching and tempering) → installing → quality inspection → shot blasting and painting → packing and shipping。

Company Information

Core Competitiveness

1. The strategic partner of Shandong Iron and Steel Group, with more than 20 years of professional experience in high-strength wear-resistant materials, all suppliers are from China’s top steel mills, with broader material purchasing capabilities, more reliable supply guarantees for special plates, and competitive raw material procurement costs.

2. Large advanced auto-roller heat treatment line: advanced heat treatment technology, unique
cooling system, to ensure the stability of size and performance, and excellent “Through- hardening”property, the difference between core and surface hardness is less than 5HRC

3. ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, strict central-control process, to ensure
the accurate dimensions and stable mechanical properties, complete process control capabilities, and keeping traceability of all products. G.E.T parts heavy machinery good color wear parts excavator ripper shank .

Why choose us

Advantage between forging and casting shanks
1. Casting is a process which metal liquid is poured into a casting mold.
After cooling, solidification, and cleaning, a casting with a predetermined shape, size and performance is obtained. Casting blanks are almost shaped, so that they can be processed without machining or a small amount of processing, reducing costs and machining time.
They are mostly used to produce complex shapes and normal working condition.
2. Forging is a processing method that uses forging machinery to exert pressure to metal blanks obtaining mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes. After the steel is forged, its internal structure has great changes.
A. The coarse grains are crushed into small and uniform grains and compacted tightly with each other.
B. The coarse grains are crushed into small and uniform grains and compacted tightly with each other.
C. Some brittle impurities are pulverized, while plastic impurities are elongated with the deformation of the metal and become fibrous structure, which greatly enhances the toughness of the material
G.E.T parts heavy machinery good color wear parts excavator ripper shank.


Jinan Iron and Steel Cooperative Laboratory, Jinan Iron and Steel is the drafting unit of the national
standard "High-strength Wear-resistant Steel Standard for Construction Machinery" GB/T24186-2009. It can provide complete mechanical property testing and regularly provide an authoritative third-party testing SGS certificate with global certification .

Chemical Property

Exhibition & Visiting

Customers visited factory and our exhibition booth of cutting edge, talking about the grader blade production process and the advantaged heat-treatment line. CTT in Russia, and Con-expro etc most famous construction machinery trade show in the world every year, and visit lots of clients all over the world. G.E.T parts heavy machinery good color wear parts excavator ripper shank.

Packing & Shipping
Packing details: Stardard export pallet and carton and Plywood block.
Shipping port: Qingdao, Ninbo, Tianjin, Guangzhou ...
Delivery time: 15-30 days
Cutting edge ,grader blade and ripper shank and spare parts factory forging one piece wear spare parts good product ripper shank, or are loading the containers to all over the worlds.


Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are Motor grader cutting edge grader blade factory! We have over 100 staff, our producing center occupies over 5000 square meter.

Q: What resources advantage do you have?
A: We are the only one factory who are also a big steel agent with capacity 600 000 tons/year. It brings unique advantage on the raw material cost and quality. We provide best quality boron steel (30MnB) and economic carbon steel.

Q: What technology advantage do you have?
A: Based on our special experience in steel material, we have more professional knowledge on the heat treatment. We can ensure good hardenability and providing better wear resistance of Motor grader cutting edge grader blade.

Q: What equipment do you have?
A: We have Germany Kjellberg CNC laser plasma cutting machine, China best auto-roller heat treatment line, higher-speed drilling machine, drilling-punching machine, etc.

Contact us

Cutting edge, end bit, grader blades and ripper shank, are our main products with 12 years experience in the steel industry, welcome your inquiry any time.

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