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Golden Power (Fujian) Building Material Technology Co., Ltd
-The first national prefabricated construction industrial base

Was founded in 2010, is located in the national hercynian fuzhou district, the maritime silk route core area of fujian province,fuzhou changle area building industrial park, the park is divided into three period of construction, with a total investment of 1.6 billion yuan, covers an area of 1000 mu, the first national industrial base of prefabricated construction,prefabricated building component parts industry cluster production platform, building industrial tourism development platform,electrical goods,Construction industry management service platform in one.

As a scientific and technological company focusing on the research and development of prefabricated building system and green new plate system, it owns 66 national invention patents and uses new technologies, participates in the formulation of 30 national and local standards, and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18001 trisomy certification, ISO14024 China Environmental Labeling product certification.

Business scope: Independently research and develop prefabricated building system, new green plate products and system system, and cooperate with the government to apply the products to the green development and construction of urbanization, new countryside and new city, and export the technology, brand and management to the development of green building industrial parks around the world in the form of franchise. Our mission is to improve the living environment, reduce the loss of natural resources and pay attention to sustainable development, leading the innovative development of the construction industry and the global development of "green building"

Product Description

TKK Engineering Project
Project Name: Fuzhou Water System Comprehensive Governance Exhibition Hall
Products: TKK boardwalk
Green plate manufacturer: Golden Power (Fujian) Building Materials Technology Co., LTD

When the city has water, it has reiki. Fuzhou has been inseparable from water since its founding. There are 107 inland rivers in the urban area of Fuzhou, including baima River, Jin 'an River, Moyang River, Guangming Port, Xindian Area and Nantai Island, with a total length of about 244 kilometers. The density of river network is among the best in China. In recent years, fuzhou city has adopted comprehensive measures such as revetment restoration, sewage interception, dredging and landscape construction to carry out comprehensive control of water system, and achieved a lot of results. In 2018, the construction of fuzhou Water System Comprehensive Governance Exhibition Hall began. After completion, it will be used to display the achievements of Fuzhou water system comprehensive governance in recent years.

Golden Power TKK plank road plate breaks through traditional fiber cement formula, with high quality silicate inorganic gelled material, fine quartz powder, imported plants long fiber and other raw materials, through the modern system of embryo production technology, fine grained engraved, curing and forming of high temperature and high pressure, with inorganic materials, fire prevention, waterproof, mouldproof, weather resistance, termite resistant, durable, high impact, custom size and other characteristics.

The entrance of the Exhibition Hall for Comprehensive management of Fuzhou water system is set with a series of steps. Using Golden Power of TKK plank board installation and laid, the surface is wood texture, with natural wood texture, natural beauty, and the stairs on both sides of the swaying flowers into a picture.

In addition, Golden Power TKK plank board zero asbestos, zero formaldehyde, does not contain toxic substances, truly green health and environmental protection. The use of Golden Power TKK boardwalk in The Exhibition Hall of Fuzhou Comprehensive Water System Governance is in line with the concept of "ecology, safety, nature and water-loving" of Fuzhou city.

Golden Power of TKK boardwalk integrates modern design aesthetics and cutting edge technology. Perfect product system and strict quality control, give users the most comfortable step experience and visual satisfaction.

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graphic design
Gallery pavilion, park, near the level of the ground pavement; The trestle paving with higher anti corrosion requirements at sea.
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Golden Power
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Gallery pavilion, park, near the level of the ground pavement; The trestle paving with higher anti corrosion requirements at sea
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Flexural strength
Asbestos content:
100% non-asbestos
Wet expansion
22mm&25mm (customized)

International Conference on Fiber Reinforced Inorganic Composites
International Conference on Fiber Reinforced Inorganic Composites was held in Golden Power in industrial park,Many silicate board wholesalers gathered together and visited the production line, and affirmed the quality and service of the plate produced by Golden Power. The products of future output potential is infinite, which further confirmed the direction of the enterprise.


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