Agriculture multi span arch plastic film Greenhouse tomato greenhouse and strawberry greenhouse (1600332954165)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Description

1.The most economical and affordable greenhouse.

2.The prefabricated greenhouse style use the bolt and nut to connect, easy assembly without any welding point.

3.All main parts are hot galvanized . It guarantees the optimal performance of anti-corrosion, with more than 15years service life.

4.Customized design and high quality material.

5. Greenhouse intensity and greenhouse system can be increased according to different climate




-single film
-roof:fixed vent
-side:rolling up system
-insect proof system

High sawtooth

-single/double film
-roof:single/double row of sawtooth/no window
-side:rolling up system
-insect proof system


Mid sawtooth
-single film
-roof:rolling up system
-side:rolling up system
-insect proof system

Greenhouse System

Wellgain greenhouse owns Engineer team can offer all the system for cilmate control. We can offer and design according to local climate details and customized requirement, like Ventilation, Cooling, Irrigation, Growing, Shading, Heating, Circulation... systems.

Cooling System

Exhaust fan features:1) adopt hot-galvanized steel or stainless steel, which can avoid rust efficiently and long service life.  2) can cool the greenhouse with high effective
Cooling pad features:1) High absorbability, high water resistant, anti-mildew.  2) Large evaporation area, cooling efficiency as high as 80%.  3) Galvanized sheet, aluminum panel optional and long service life.

Outside and Inside shading system

energy saving screen system:These systems help to create cooling and energy saving effect for greenhouse.
Trellising system:under the roof, there are steel wires longitudinal and horizontally, forming a grid to support the crop hanging from the greenhouse structure.
Trellising accessories:Including plastic hook, wire, big/small branches stem, fixing ring etc.

Movable Ebb & flow bench system

Steel frame made of galvanized steel, plastic bench tray with edge aluminum profile
Light Supplementary System
When illumination is insufficient, added greenhouse interior lighting system will promote crop growth
Electricity distribution
Including control panel, electricity cables for all the equipment we supplied, bridges and other accessories

Fogging system

The system consists of control panel, high pressure pump, piping & kinds of fittings, and stainless nozzles.
PP growing gutter
Economical and practical for growing
Covering material
PEP/PO film with high quality

PVC growing gutter

PVC growing gutter for tomato/cucumber
Drip irrigation system
Includes the main pipes, sub pipes, laterals, and valves, drippers and piping accessories
Heating piping system

(Hot water system) the pipes and pipe accessories for hot water transportation inside greenhouse.
Circulation fans:Circulate the air in the greenhouse

Intelligent control system

Including outdoor weather station and sensors, indoor sensors for temperature, light radiation and humidity. control system software, it can control the equipment and systems inside the greenhouse automatically by setting parameter date. Historical data can be tracked.
Fertigation machine:Automatic fertigation machine, include water pump, fertilizer channels, mixing tank, EC/PH sensor, control panel.

Planting Instruction

provide greenhouse design and construction, seeds and fertilizer and planting technology solutions.

The following are the planting instructions provided by our company: lettuce planting instruction, pepper planting instruction, tomato planting instruction and cucumber planting instruction.

Lettuce planting instruction

Pepper planting instruction

Tomato planting instruction

Cucumber planting instruction

Company Information

    Xiamen Wellgain Greenhouse Company is a supplier specializing in greenhouse design and construction and providing planting solutions. The company has 15 years of experience in greenhouse design and construction. We have our own factory, covering an area of 1.1HA. The company has a strong and rigorous technical team, advanced production technology and equipment, professional construction team. We have domestic and foreign planting management experts, 20 years of large-scale farm planting experience, we are good at solanaceous fruit vegetable, lettuce and other planting management. We are committed to improving product quality and output as the goal of struggle.

Company Advantages:
1. One-stop purchasing, greenhouse equipment - planting equipment - technical guidance - various auxiliary materials;
2. Reliable after-sales service: provide professional installation manual, operation and maintenance manual;
3. Can export high quality fertilizer and seeds;
4. Can provide greenhouse renovation plan;
5. Can provide planting guidance and planting solutions

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