OEM&ODM Private Label Semi Permanent Makeup Eyebrow set Accessories Supplies Students Training Microblading kit

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Product Overview



Item name
KZBOY BOX-IN-BOX Microblading Kit
Box size
Microblade in it
New nano microblades with a diameter of .15mm, 17U.15mm and 16S.15mm
Microblading handle in it
New microblading handle in 3 color, 1 of each of white, black and red
Mapping pencil
With protective caps 

New mapping pencil
1 of each of black (#1), brown(#03), light brown(#04), the color symbols on the pencils are the code but the words. Each pencil is sterile and individually packaged with protective caps
New microblades
1 box (25 pieces) of each of 17U.15mm and 16S.15mm are included. They're really sharp for microblading and powder brows.
New microblade handles
1 of each color of red, black and white is included. These microblade handles are 13 grams each. It's very light to hold them. Each handle is individually packaged with lot # and expiration date.

Sharp brow razors
2 black + 1 white sharp brow razors are included. They're used for shaving brows with protective caps. 
2 practice skins+ 3 sticky rulers
The 2 practice pads can be used with or without ink with double sides. One practice skin is blank, the other one is printed with DIFFERENT brow shapes on its two sides. One brow shape is for microblading while the other one is for ombre powder brows. The sticky ruler is to keep the brows symmetrical.
1 ratio ruler+2 sponge cups
The ratio ruler is made of stain steel and very strong. The pigment rings with sponges are individually packaged to avoiding spilling pigment.

Customer Photos

The microblading kit is designed for the PMU artists. It's very convenient to carry when travel. All items are individually packaged in boxes. And boxes are in one big box. It's time to say goodbye to the bulky, overpriced and low quality kit. You'll feel proud to own our adorable and affordable kit. It's a complete kit.
The microblade handles and mapping pencils are in one box; the ratio ruler, brow razors and the pigment rings are in one box; the microblades are in 2 independent boxes. The fakes skins and sticky rulers are under the 4 inner boxes while all boxes are in a bigger outer box. It's called box-in-box kit.


1. What is this kit for?
This is not a practice kit but also a professional kit that can be used for real person because all the items are sterile and high quality.

2. How many kit box need be ordered if customize it?
1000 with a affordable price.

3. What microblades fit the microblading handle in this kit?
Any microblade including the round and straight blades.

4. Do you have extra service to assist us design the product packaging?
Yes, we do. Our professional designer will help you create a design for you.

5. How long will it take to make a custom kit?
14 to 21 business days.

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