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Product Overview



Custom Made MVR Type Evaporator Forced Circulation Evaporator Crystallizer


The Forced Circulation Evaporation Crystallizer circulates with external power, and the pump is used to force the solution to pass through the heating pipe at a speed of 2-5M / s in one direction. Other evaporators are natural circulation evaporators because of the density difference between the solution in the heating chamber and the circulation pipe. Their common shortcomings are the low circulation speed of solution and poor heat transfer effect. When treating solutions with high viscosity, easy scaling or easy crystallization, forced circulation evaporator can be used.


Product name:Forced circulation evaporator
Main uses:

Single or multi effect Forced Circulation Evaporator for water or organic solution evaporation

Temperature range:0 - 280degrees

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1. Application Scope:

Single or multi effect Forced Circulation Evaporator for water or organic solution evaporation in the industry of Chemical, Light industry,etc.especially suit for normal/vacuum pressure evaporation crystallizer or easy fouling material continue or batch operation evaporation with single or multi effect.

2. System Component:

Each effect evaporator, each effect separator, Condenser, Circulation pump, Transfer pump, Vacuum and drain system, steam manifold, operation platform, electric control cabinet, pipeline and valves etc.

3. Equipment Characteristic:

Whole system design beautiful and reasonable,running stable,energy saving with high efficient,lower steam consumption.

Forced Circulation Evaporator also can make high viscosity material flow evaporation.

Special operation method designed for different product.

Low temperature evaporation,make full use of heat energy,suit for low temperature heat sensitive material evaporation.

Evaporation through forced circulation,material heating evenly in the pipeline with high efficient,avoid scaling phenomenon.

Material have separation after enter into the separator, strengthen the separation affect, whole system operation with a large elasticity.

Whole system construction tightly, limited space,easy to clean.

Continue feeding and discharging,available for liquid level and temperature automatic control.

The shortages is pump flow rate is bigger, power consumption is relatively high.

4. Technology Parameters:


Single Effect

Double effect

Triple effect

Four effect

Five effect

Water evaporation capacity(kg/hr)






Feeding concentration


We will design according to our customers material situation .

Discharge concentration

( %)

We will design according to our customers requirement .

Steam pressure



Steam cost

(T/hr )






Evaporation Temperature

( °C)


Sterilizer Temperature

C )


Cooling water cost ( T/hr )

Evaporation capacity

( Feeding 20°C, discharge 40°C)











Also We can design & calculate according to my customers requirement.


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Q: Why would I choose you?
A: VANOO(SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD can supply and stock wide range of stainless steel products.We have active management, experienced technical people, labor workers.High effective sales team.Mass production capacity ensures on-time delivery and quick response to any quote and complaint.

Q: May I have free samples before ordering?
A: In fact, before many large-scale production equipment, many customers will choose an experimental machine to verify whether their ideas or processes are feasible. We are happy to provide you with experimental machines and sell them at the most favorable price.

Q: What’s the MOQ?
A: NoMOQ for standard products.Custom parts can be discussed

Q: What is the lead time?
A: Common items are stocked--3-5 days, Big volume order usually takes about 20-30 days

Q: What’s the payment term?
A: Paypal, Western Union, T/T and Credit Card.T/T and L/C.

Q: Do you have product warranty?
A: Yes,12 months warranty.100% inspection on finished products before dispatch.Inferior products can be returned or replaced without excuse. Repair parts could be supplied for replacement.

Q:Do you have mill test certificate?
A: Yes, each order is traceable by Inspection certificate CE, ISO ect if you need any other  certificates, let us know , we will help you to get it as much as we can. OEM is welcomed, and we can sign on Non-disclosure Agreement of Commercial Secrets. Custom facbrication is acceptable. Any customer wants to be our distributor and partner.Please discuss with us.You will get favorable support.


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