Factory Direct Sales drug/medicine stability test chamber for laboratory equipment test

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Product Overview


Factory Direct Sales drug/medicine stability test chamber for laboratory equipment test


Brands of Main Conponents

ControllerConductor Protection SwitchAC contactorThermal Relay Middle Relay Solid State Relay Panel Button Self-reset Fuse











 Schneider/Taiwan Yangming


 Hongbo (Chinese brand) Schneiderf.JPG


Branded Ensure the Quality 



Standard features

Workroom Sizes W*D*H (cm)50x40x5050x50x60   60x60x7080x70x90100x100x100
Inner chamber volume(V)100L150L252L504L1000L
Outer dimension W*D*H(cm)98x95x16098x105x170108x112x180128x125x200148x155x210
Packing Size113x110x175113x120x185123x127x195133x140x215163x160x225
Temperature RangeA: -20°C-150°C      B: -40°C-150°C     C: -60°C-150°C  D: -70°C-150°C
Temperature Fluctuation≤±0.5°C(standard)/≤±0.2°C(optional)
Temperature Evenness≤±2°C
Temperature Deviation≤1°C
Accuracy0.1°C,1.5%R.H (standard)/0.01℃,1.5%R.H(optional)
Humidity Range20%~98%R.H/ 10%~98%R.H(optional)
Humidity Deviation±2% R.H
Heating Speed1.0°C~3.0°C/min
Cooling Speed0.7°C~1.2°C/min
Heating timeRT°C~150°C≤30min
Cooling timeRT°C~-40°C≤60min
The machine noise72 dB(A)
Load on the largest100kg,≤20kg/layer150kg,≤26kg/layer260kg,≤30kg/layer260kg,≤40kg/layer300kg,≤60kg/layer
materialInner chamber:# SUS 304 stainless steelThe outer wall:A3 carbon steel plate with plastic spray/#SUS304
Wind Cycling WayCentrifugal fan forced air circulation
Refrigeration WaySingle stage compression refrigeration
RefrigeraterFrench Tecumseh
RefrigerantsR4O4A USA Dupont environmental protection refrigerant
Condensing WayAir-cooled or water-cooled
HeaterNickel chrome heating wire heater
HumidifierSemi-closed steam and wet
Water Suplying WayAutomatic cycling water supply
ControllerJapan OYO/Korea Temi/HLS
Standard Accessoriesparts1 Observe window(double-deck cavity toughened glass),50mm testing hole,PL internal bulbs,partition plate,dry and wet ball gauze,3 fuses,1 power line
Safety deviceCompressor overload protection, fuse protection, Overheat protection,humidifier dry-combustion protection ,high/low pressure of refrigerator ,over-humidity and temperare protection,water shortage protection,over-current protection,Over-current circuit breaker,earth leakage protection 

 Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is also called constant temperature and humidity test machine, constant temperature and humidity test box, programmable damp and heat alternating test chamber, constant temperature machine or constant temperature and humidity box. It is used to test the performance of materials in various environments and test equipment. This kind of material has heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and humidity resistance. It is suitable for testing the quality of products such as electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phones, communications, meters, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, building materials, medical care, aerospace, etc.



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Q 1: Are you manufacturer? 
A: Yes, we are manufacturer with more than 10 years' experience.
Q 2:  What are your Price Terms and depart port?
A  : Trade term: FOB, CFR, or CIF, etc. Shipping port: Shanghai normally.
Q 3: What are your Payment Terms?
A: Payment shall be made by T/T, L/C, or D/P, etc., it varies considerably according to the region that you are in.
Q4: What's your Minimum Order Quantity?
A: Any order quantity is warmly welcomed.
Q 5: Do you have English Manual for each machinery?
A: Yes. The instruction manual,the test report and other Data Sheets related shall be provided by us.
Q 6: Can you customize the machine for me ?
A: Yes, we can customize according to customer's requirements.
Q 7: What shall we do if  breakdown occurs?
A: Please informed us at once. We shall handle it by the on-line services to make one-one explanation or arrange the personnel to the site see as the requirements.
Q8: Do you support overseas installtion and debugging?
A: Yes, normally we will despatch a profesional team with translater to the field to complete the whole project.      

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