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Price:$5,999.00 - $12,000.00


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we promise : if you buy our machine, we provide below after-sales service


30 days refund, 1 year replacement, lifetime warranty !!!


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HHO® 6.0 VS Carbon Cleaning
Cleaning time20 mins40-60 mins
Suits forOne model for all kinds of vehiclesCar and truck use different machine
TechnologyUnique: HHO cleaner agent+ HHO gasPure hydrogen gas
Connection placeSafe connection device for anti gas leakNo safty device to protect gas, easy to let gas leak
Gas output2000L/H100-800L/H
SaftyMore than 10 safety devices4-6 safety devices
Clean effectClean & protect engine + Obvious effectOnly clean engine + Less effect
ProfitDouble benefits from machine and cleaner agentNormal service charge
MarketUnique technology, no one can copyMany competitors






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we provide below service for our distributors

1. Professional website building;


2. Do advertisement through: Exhibition, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Made in China, Alibaba, etc.

    Especially advertisement focus on your local city or country


3. Forward all the new inquiries and sell only through Distributor.


4. Successful case: offer the successful business model, which is including the business way,

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5. Free advertising material, including catalogues, posters, poster display, even video design;


6. Technical training or supports for maintenance;


7. Maintenance machine offered freely.

 How much you can earn as HHO Distributor?
  Min. Profits Clean cars (sets) 1 Day Profits Clean cars (sets)1 Month ProfitsClean cars (sets)1 Year Profits
 1 machine $4,000.00 /////$4000
 1 Bottle Clean agent $6.00 6$36132 $792 1584 $9,504.00
 1 HHO Total Profits    $13,504.00
 When you sell 10 sets machine to customers, the profits: USD13,504.00*10=USD135,040.00
 When you sell 100 sets machine to customers, the profits: USD13,504.00*100=USD1,350,400.00
 The 2nd year/only for clean agent profits: USD792*12*100=USD950,400.00
 The 3rd year, you can earn USD950,400.00
 The 4th year, you still can earn USD950,400.00

HHO distributors model


we promise : if you buy our machine, we provide below after-sales service


30 days refund1 year replacement, lifetime warranty !!!

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