Широкий носик быстро впитывает масляные отходы, простые бумажные пакеты для дома (1600335969070)

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About the "King of the Earth Kitchen related products"

・ We aim to create products that lead to forest protection and water quality protection.
-We have commercialized it with the hope that the wastewater from the kitchen at home will not be polluted as much as possible.

● Kitchen paper
-Specially processed softly finished paper absorbs water and oil quickly.
-The pop-up type makes it easy to take out with one hand.
・ FSC certified products.

★ By removing dirt before washing the dishes, the amount of dirt flowing into the drainage is reduced and it is environmentally friendly.

Katazuke-POI (waste oil, processing bag for kitchen residue)
・ Simply put the cooked oil and residual juice directly into this bag and discard it to quickly absorb the oil and residual juice.
-Wide spout, easy to use.
-Recycled paper is used as an absorbent.
★ Protect the environment by not flushing oil and cooking residue from the kitchen.

Product name
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Kitchen paper
Katazuke-POI (Oil disposal bag)

Company Profile

HATTORI PAPER MFG. CO., Ltd, are a company founded in 1914. Our philosophy is to create products that are friendly to people and the environment. Cleaning products that use "electrolyzed water" that does not use detergent ingredients are suitable for cleaning around food, children, and pets, and are sold in large numbers to major distribution companies in Japan. With the recent increase in interest in the environment, sales performance is increasing year by year.

In addition, we have acquired ISO22716, which is the international standard for cosmetics manufacturing, and our products are highly evaluated for their quality. OEM support is also available depending on the situation in each country.

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