Новые 88 мм Углеродные клинчерные колеса TB336, 25 U образные аэродинамические спицы, высокопрофильные гоночные велосипедные колесные комплекты (1600337486668)

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Product Overview


Carbon Spokes
Used for:
Road / Track /TT bicycle/MTB
Mixed order:
available.if you need different spokes,plz contact us for detail.
Nipples color option:

1. Confirm the road circle or mountain circle
2. Confirm whether the customer is using an open or tube tire
3. Confirm the appearance of the label
4. Confirm the appearance of the product -3K-UD-12K-1K-Basalt brake edge
5. Confirm the appearance of the product spray paint-matt or shiny
6. Confirm what hubs, colors, holes, and sundial standards are required by the customer (the transmission kit used by the customer’s bicycle, Shimano road bikes are sundial, and CP suite Italian standards;) The mountain is divided into sundial and XD XD Tower body (Japanese standard is Shimano kit, Superlink XD tower body is Superlink XD series kit)
7. Confirm what spokes are used, ultra-light, flat, spoke color, and cap color; 8. Confirm the logistics method

Xiamen Tanben material technology Co.,Ltd
Xiamen Tanben material technology ltd belongs to Baiyexing Outdoor Products Factory,the factory established in 2013. Windx Carbon is an innovative and professional carbon fiber industry and trade Co.
It focus on the Promotion and development of carbon fiber sports goods and transportation products, especially in the field of wheel rims and wheel sets, has made great achievements.Products have successively passed the Swiss UCI certification, become Xiamen Carbon Fiber rim industry benchmark, and exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia and other regions
The company has more than 100 employees, including 10 technical developers, with more than 30 patents, excellent production technology team, advanced production and testing equipment, consummate market development system. 

a) OEM/ODM own R&D dept. Customized logo/painting/rim surface/package.
b) Owning overseas warehouse
c) 24 hrs online reply

1. Q: Test criteria?
Answer: EN14781 European standard test, SGS certification,ISO9001 and Swiss UCI certification.

2. Q: What accessories do you come with?
A: In the case of road wheels, it includes brake pads, quick release, tire pads, extended air nozzles, spokes and a cap.

3.Q: What size tires can you fit on your wheel sets?
(I) 23mm wide wheel sets can be fitted with 23mm and 25mm outer tires.
(2) 25mm wide wheel sets can be fitted with 25mm and 28mm outer tires.

4. Q: What is the weight capacity of your wheelset?

A: The maximum rider weight capacity is 150kg or less.

5. Q: Can I customize the LOGO of the wheel group?
A: Yes, you can customize it as long as you provide pictures or AI documents, but you need to charge for bid opening. According to normal label size 300 * 40mm, there are three labeling methods: 1, ordinary label $ 35. 2. Highlights: 100 dollars. 3, metal paint: $ 190.For more than 10 groups, no bid opening fee is charged.

6. Q: What are the advantages of carbon fiber?
Carbon fiber is lighter and harder than aluminum alloy (litter, stronger). It has light weight, excellent seismic resistance and high performance. When aluminum alloy reaches the upper limit, it will break immediately.

7.Q: What materials are you using?
A: We use carbon fiber purchased from Toray of Japan, the world's top carbon fiber factory. Our company is responsible for immersion processing. The brake edge uses high TG resin, and the temperature of the brake edge can reach 240 degrees.

8.Your technical advantages:
Rim technology: 2nd generation of automated winding technology to reduce wheel defect rate
Painting: No painting process.
High-end hubs: Taiwan, Japan, Germany, USA.
(Private model custom hubs)
Spokes: Sapim (Belgium), Taiwan Zhongnan CN, Xie Da pillar.
Carbon spokes: physical expansion technology (light, hard, stable)

9.Q: Delivery time?
A: Normally, the delivery time of our production is 15 days. If you need to customize the logo, it may take 3-5 extra days. If you are in urgent need, we have inventory of this model XXX and we can deliver the goods to you in 1-2 days.

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