Road Repair Equipment Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine Concrete Joint Sealing Machine (1600337543361)

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1. Application scope and working principle of GF-80 hot asphalt pouring machine
Highway pavement cracks, one of the most common road cracks, if not regular, will cause damage to the asphalt pavement. Gf-80 hot asphalt joint filling machine is a special equipment used to melt and pour the material into the crack to achieve the purpose of highway maintenance.
GF-80 hot asphalt pouring machine uses liquefied petroleum gas as fuel to heat the bottom of joint filling material box. The wall of the material box is filled with heat transfer oil to make the heating fast and evenly, and the insulation rock wool is filled outside the heat conducting oil layer to keep the heat. After the joint filling material is melted, the heat exchange can be accelerated by manual mixing. After the joint filling material meets the construction requirements, the asphalt pump is started to output the joint filling material , and the material outlet is manually aligned with the crack to promote the equipment to carry out the joint pouring operation.
2. Safety precautions of GF-80 hot asphalt pouring machine
1. Operators must receive professional training.
2. Operators should wear protective equipment when working.
3. Check the connection of LPG tank and pipeline before operating the equipment to ensure no leakage.
4. Pay attention to the high temperature part of the equipment to avoid burning.
5. When filling joint filling material, pay attention to avoid injury caused by asphalt splash.
6. When filling heat transfer oil, avoid mixing water and air.
7. When operating the machine, always observe the situation of combustion furnace and instrument display.
8.In case of flame extinction due to special circumstances, the gas manual valve shall be closed in time.
9.9. Avoid stones and debris into the oil tank
3. Main structure and technical parameters

Stirring Method
Asphalt Pump Model
Cb-b 2.5
Fuel Type
Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Rated Voltage
Yamaha ET950
Rated Output
2-stroke Air Cooling
Starting Method
Hand Start
Pre-mixed Gasoline (50:1)

4. How to use it
1. Open the LPG valve and ignite the LPG furnace under the front of the fuselage with an electronic igniter (there is an observation hole in the front). Start to heat up, adjust the flame in the furnace, and adjust the opening size of the pressure reducing valve to adapt to the combustion. (too large opening may cause poor combustion or extinguishment; too small opening may cause red flame and poor combustion.)
2. Clean caulking material is added to the melting furnace and the furnace cover is covered. Normal use should be based on the use of appropriate amount of material. Continuous use is best to keep a certain amount of finished materials in the furnace, which can improve the heat utilization rate and greatly improve the melting efficiency.
3. Pay attention to the temperature rise of the thermometer. The temperature indicated by the thermometer should not exceed the allowable temperature of the caulking material. Exceeding the allowable temperature will cause the caulking material to harden.
4. Start the mixed oil generator and supply power to the control system and insulation system according to the operation instructions of the generator.
5. When the temperature of the joint filling material meets the use requirements, first turn on the main power switch set in the electrical control box, press the heating switch set in the middle for about 5 minutes, then press the seam filling switch, turn on the governor switch and speed regulating potentiometer to carry out the test grouting, so as to ensure that the discharge nozzle can extrude the seam filling material normally. If the motor rotates slowly and slowly, which indicates that the temperature of the gear pump or delivery pipeline is low, close the filling switch immediately, stop the electric rotation, repeat the above operation or increase the flame heating with liquefied gas.
6. Push the joint filling machine to the expansion joint, make the discharge nozzle align with the cleaned expansion joint, press the joint filling switch, the motor turns the joint filling to start, push the joint filling machine forward in accordance with the situation, and the advance speed matches the size of the expansion joint. The discharge nozzle of the nozzle can be replaced to realize the discharge amount of the nozzle.
5. Operation precautions
1. The power source of filling seam is a two-stroke gasoline generator. Please operate in strict accordance with the operation manual of the generator.
2. This machine uses 320# heat transfer oil, which will be reduced after repeated use. Pay attention to supplement. The heat transfer oil should be added from the side mounting hole, and the heat transfer oil should be added to 2/3 of the tank body. Pay attention not to block the air outlet.
3. The pause time of filling joint should not be more than 5 minutes. If the pause time is too long, the caulking material of the pipeline will solidify.
4. In the process of use, when the discharge nozzle does not discharge, there may be three situations: a. the caulking material in the furnace is used up or the temperature is not enough; B. the filter screen in front of the gear pump is blocked by impurities, and the material can not flow into the gear pump; C. the discharge nozzle is blocked (the outlet nozzle is heated, and the temperature is not enough). The above situation can be excluded.
5. The gas emitted by caulking material during melting is harmful to human body, so the furnace cover shall be covered, and the operators shall wear protective equipment such as masks and gloves.
Note: do not use less than 1/2 times of the capacity of the equipment when filling. To ensure the long service life and safety of the equipment.

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