Factory hot sale high quality hand held needle detector for Iron detection

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Product introduction:

This type of instrument is hand-held portable needle detector, also known as hand-held needle detector, hand-held needle detector, hand-held metal detector, etc. Using the principle of magnetic field, it can effectively detect extremely small iron objects such as broken needles.

Scope of application: places where metal impurities need to be detected in clothing, buttons, zippers, textiles, shoe materials, hardware and chemical industries, assist large needle detector to accurately find the real parts of steel needle or ferromagnetic metal impurities in defective products, and can also be used to detect whether metal jewelry contains metal impurities prohibited by environmental protection certification such as iron, cobalt and nickel. Improve enterprise product quality.


Functional features:

The instrument can inspect ferromagnetic substances in drugs, food and chemical raw materials.

The instrument can check the existence of nails, steel bars and pipes in wood, walls and tables.

The instrument can also check the injury, knife injury, crush injury and other parts of human body and livestock, and check whether harmful iron filings and debris seep into it.

The instrument can also be used for the rapid search of hidden murder weapons and guns by the inspectors at the border guard post


Technical standards:

Power supply: 6F22-9V power supply, static current less than 5mA, dynamic current less than 30mA, saving electrode consumption

Weight: 280g

Volume: 195mm (L) x58mm (W) x50mm (H)

Sensitivity: the diameter of 1.0mm iron ball can reach 10mm high. The highest sensitivity can detect an iron ball with a diameter of 0.8mm. The diameter is 0.7x20, and the broken needle can reach 50mm high.


Note: the instrument can work continuously for a long time without heating and overload. When the power supply voltage is lower than 6V, it will produce continuous beeping sound, which indicates that the power is insufficient and the battery of the same model should be replaced.




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 Factory hot sale long range body fever screening thermal imagining infrared camera with tripod for public place

Company Information

Junhong Electronic and Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. established in 2 0 0 5, who has been specialized in research and development of measurement instruments for 15 years. Supplying various of products range: Body Temperature Measurement System, Walk through metal detector, hand held metal detector, industrial metal detector, check weigher, underground metal detector, X-ray inspection machine, etc. All products are conform to U S and E U standard.

Factory hot sale long range body fever screening thermal imagining infrared camera with tripod for public place

Factory hot sale long range body fever screening thermal imagining infrared camera with tripod for public placeFactory hot sale long range body fever screening thermal imagining infrared camera with tripod for public place

Factory hot sale long range body fever screening thermal imagining infrared camera with tripod for public place



1.   What is function of the metal detector for you?

The use of metal detector usually has two reasons.

(1) Protects your precious equipment or the essential equipment.

(2) Guarantees your product to be perfect.

If there are metal detritus to mix in your grinding mill, slice, or cutter, it inevitably will create the damage to your equipment. You not only waste the productive time and the money to service your equipment, moreover the metal detritus possibly changes smaller, and it is more difficult to find. If someone had discovered the metal impurities in yours final products, it will destroy the image and the reputation of your company.

2.   Where should l install the metal detector?

If the purpose is for protect ion device, then should install the metal detector in the distance by the protection device entrance as far as possible near place.

If it ‘s to detect the final product, then the detector should be installed as far as possible in the end of the production assembly line .

If the packing material itself includes the metal element, it’s unable to obtain the very good examination sensitivity, so you should install the metal detector in front of the packaging machine and check the products before packing.

3.   What is the products effect?

All products, when they go through electromagnetic field of the detect region, it will occur some kind of signal. This kind of signal is similar to the metal signal. This kind of signal is called the production effect.

The factor which influence production effect includes: Moisture content, fat content, temperature, acidity, salinity, direction and volume. Usually, the product which effect small can obtain the higher examination sensitivity. The suppression function of the metal detector in view of the production effect also can enhance the metal examination sensitivity.

4.   What is sensitivity?

The metal detector sensitivity defines as how small of the metal ball which is able to detected In the center of detector head, the sensitivity is also divided into "the greatest sensitivity" and " examination with product sensitivity ". The greatest sensitivity refers to the metal detector under theory condition highest sensitivity. The examination with product sensitivity is the metal highest sensitivity that detects in the practical application. Usually, the examination with product sensitivity has more practical significance.

5.Which factors will affect the sensitivity?

The metal detector sensitivity is decided by many factors. For example: The material effect, the shape of metal impurities, the size and the direction, the size of detector, as well as operation environment, the purity of the packing material  and so on.

6.   What is the ideal size of metal detector head?

The size of the head is based on the dimensions of the package. Always simulate production conditions as closely as possible, including speed, temperature, and orientation of the product.

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