office chair with massage japanese recliner massage chair 4d l track spa pedicure chair massage full body

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The process requirements of embroidery are: smooth, neat, flat, even and clean. Straight refers to straight lines and round curves; Qi means that the pointer trace is neat, and the edge is not uneven; Flat means that the gesture is accurate, the embroidered surface is flat, and the thread is not crooked; Uniform is the same pointer distance, no bottom exposure, no overlap; Cleanliness means that the embroidered surface is bright and clean without ink stains.
Fix the products to be sprayed on the rotatable support, and then lock the support on the assembly line. Through the movement of the assembly line and the continuous rotation of the rotatable support, 100% of the products have been uniformly sprayed on the surface.
Aluminum standard
It is an aluminum sign among many signs, which is usually formed by stamping, cutting, concave convex and aluminum alloy die casting. Common processes: high gloss (polishing), etching, oxidation, wire drawing, laser engraving, electroplating, spraying, painting, enamel, baking paint, reflective, luminous printing and other processes.

screen printing
The method of indirect plate making is to expose the indirect film first, harden it with 1.2% H2O2, develop it with warm water, and dry it to make a strippable graphic negative. During plate making, stick the adhesive film surface of the graphic negative closely to the stretched screen, press the adhesive film tightly to the wet screen, remove the film base, and dry it with air to make a screen printing.
Hot stamping
Hot stamping refers to the process of transferring hot stamping materials or hot plate patterns on objects such as paper, paperboard, textiles and coating by hot pressing. The hot stamping processing of binding is generally more on the cover, and its forms are various, such as hot stamping of single material, hot stamping without hot stamping, mixed hot stamping, set ironing, etc.
Radium carving
Laser engraving is based on numerical control technology and laser is the processing medium. The physical denaturation of processing materials in the instant of melting and gasification under laser irradiation, so as to achieve the purpose of processing. Laser processing features: there is no contact with the material surface, it is not affected by mechanical movement, and the surface will not deform, so it generally does not need to be fixed. It is not affected by the elasticity and flexibility of materials, and it is convenient to process soft materials. High machining precision, fast speed and wide application fields.

Premium leather

Fan pattern
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Four leaf flower

Windmill pattern
Line stripe

Crocodile pattern
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Elephant pattern
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Q: You are the factory or trade company?

A: We are the factory, our company has engaged in Massage Products manufacturing & exporting for 10 years

Q: Can I get some samples?

A: Yes, We are honored to offer you samples for quality inspection.

Q: Do you provide OEM/ODM Service?

A: Yes, OEM/ODM are available, all products can be customized to meet your demand, (ODM) We also have a professional R&D team to design and develop the new project with you.

Q: What is the Voltage/Phase for the massage chair?

A: Voltage can be adjusted to meet country requirements.

Q: What is the payment term?

A: By T/T, Western Union, Alipay, Alibaba trade assurance payment, etc. 30% as deposit in advance and balance 70% should be paid when goods ready to ship.

Q: What are your warranty terms?

A: We offer different warranty times for different chairs. Please contact us for detailed warranty terms.

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