Original Alm laser sopra Diode Laser hair removal (1600340103126)

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Product Overview


Highly recommended product from Laserconn
Laserconn has more than 15 years' experience of laser diode packing.
We can also supply repair and refurbishment services for laser hair removal machine handle.
Each year we repair more than 300 pcs handpieces for our customers.

laser power
pulse width
energy fluence
skin cooling
laser window
LCD screen
8.4inch Touch LCD
Input VAC
110/220VAC 50-60Hz

More than 20 million pulses extremely long lifetime
Original laser hair removal machine is with 10-15 million shots, our diode laser device adopt the latest SLD diode laser chip technology, based on our real test report, it has more than 20 million pulses, which is 2-5 times longer in use.

No laser burning concerns, easy for maintenance
Our NEW technology characterized by laser chip instead of laser bar, each pc of chip works separately, it's not like laser bar, one pic of bar burn, you need to change whole laser stack.

Continuous working day and night non-stop
It can work day and night continuously non-stop. There's no need rest time for the machine, so that your customers can get more patients every day.

Super cooling system-more comfortable method for skin cooling

Supper cooling contact, to protect the skin from burning, especially good for darker skin type. Higher energy can reach to hair follicle directly. Treatment is comfortable and effective.

The handpiece is suitable for the original laser device
Handpiece can work properly also when applied on the original device, this is based on our 15 years repair and refurbish experience for top brands like similar lasers.

15.6' super touch screen for easy operation
Large screen and luxury design, also with patients' database. Operation is more convenient for dermatologists.

Our Refurbishment Process.

1.Check and test the hand piece

First, the customer need to send us the old diode as above picture shows, if can not send old diode,need send to us structure design of the diode and dimension details stack. We will repair the old diode or design a new stack to replace the old one. After received old handle piece from customers, we will check the hand piece firstly, and confirm whether the spare parts are in good condition.

2.Replace and Assemble the Hand Piece
We will mount diode bar to heat sink and assemble diode stack to old or structure in our cleaning lab. Our bars and micro channel cooler are import from Germany manufacture. We strictly manage mounting, assembling and testing step during laser stack producing. Every stack will be fully tested and had 8 hours burning test.

3.Package and Send to Our Customer

We can replace the diode laser stack, handpiece hose, handpiece case and inner spare parts.

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Company Profile

LASERCONN is an advanced medical & aesthetic laser manufacturer from Beijing, China.
And now we become the leading company that can provide pulsed infrared laser over 50 million shots, which is 5-10 times longer compared with lasers from Israel, Germany and USA.  

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