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Product Overview


Product Overview

QTZ80(TC5610) Spointed tower crane
QTZ80(TC5610)Tower crane is the latest type of hoisting and transportation machinery designed by our company, which makes full use of group technology, combination design technology and finite element analysis technology, and takes "microcomputer design platform of tower crane" as the tool. This machine is horizontal boom, trolley amplitude, up rotary hydraulic jacking crane. The maximum lifting weight is 6T; Rated lifting moment: up to 630kN·m .

Features, configuration and specifications

     The characteristics of
1. The performance parameters and technical indicators reach the domestic leading and international advanced               level, the maximum working range is 50 meters, and the working space of the tower crane is increased.
2. The appearance of the machine is the international popular form, beautiful and generous.
3.Many ways of working, wide range of use. There are two working modes of foundation fixation and external wall         attachment, which are suitable for various construction objects.
4. High working speed, good speed regulation performance, stable work, high efficiency.
5. the boom adopts rigid double pull rod suspension, good rigidity, light weight, small section, small wind resistance,       uniform force, beautiful appearance.
6. All kinds of safety devices are complete to ensure safe and reliable work.
7. Independent side of the driver's cab, good vision, to create a good working environment for the operator.
8.Easy to use and easy to maintain.

Configuration is introduced

Electrical box: schneider, Siemens and other imported electrical components, the lowest failure rate.
Motor: The original machinery of Jiangte motor is adopted.
Electrical system: the use of domestic quality or imported components, stable and,reliable,performance. Configuration is introduced

Standard section: square steel pipe overall structure  or single Angle steel plate structure  main limb material selection Q345B.
Tower body segment: composed of 14 standard segments, in use, the lower part of the bottom segment is connected,with,the foundation, and the upper part is connected with the standard segment.

Cab: thin plate structure, side placed at the front end of the platform on the right side of the upper support, surrounded by large area of glass Windows, the front upper window can be opened, the vision is broad, beautiful and comfortable, equipped with linkage control console.

Product specification

Max Load
Tip load
Maximum operating range
Freestanding height
max installation height
Jib length
56 m
Trolley speed
68 m/min
Main electric
Pre-embedded leg or # beam or Cross beam
Operating voltage
Total power

Introduction to working mechanism

Lifting mechanism
Lifting mechanism is mainly composed of motor, brake, reducer, drum, lifting height limiter and so on. Mounted on the rear of the balance arm, it is driven by a three-speed motor, through a transfer switch on the console, to achieve the desired lifting speed and slow emplacement accuracy. The end of the drum is equipped with a lifting height limiter. When the lifting item reaches the highest position, the lifting mechanism can stop automatically.

Slewing mechanism
Rotary mechanism is mainly composed of winding motor, hydraulic coupler, electromagnetic brake, rotary limiter, planetary reducer, pinion. The mechanism is compact, the transmission is good, and the braking is stable. Work is not affected by the larger wind.
The brake can make the lifting arm stay in the designated position. The brake is only used for positioning, not for decelerating. In the non - working state, the lifting arm can rotate with the wind.

Internal climbing jacking mechanism
Optional internal lifting plate standard section, model: 1.7*1.7*4 m, 1.8*1.8*4 m, 2*2*5 m, 2.5*2.5*5 m, 3*3*5 m, all Q355B manganese steel, the main limb is Angle steel, 
note: each model standard excerpt uses Angle steel main limb specifications are different, specific to customize the actual model. * this company structure configuration and related models are all through the national regulatory authority certification testing, the configuration and the recommended specifications structure adapted to the related model equipment, are safe allowance configuration, concrete structure configuration with lifting weight and the specific models, products are calculated through the company's professional and technical personnel and operating system configuration.

Trolley luffing mechanism
The trolley's luffing mechanism drives the deceleration device in the drum through the motor to make the trolley do the luffing movement.The mechanism is used to drive the variable amplitude trolley to reciprocate along the vertical axis of the lifting arm, so as to realize the variable amplitude movement of the hook and the lifting item. It is installed in the first arm of the crane arm and is mainly composed of a two-speed motor, a reducer, a reel and an amplitude limiter. The overall structure is compact, two variable rope is fixed on the drum after a section of winding, the other end is fixed on the trolley, when the amplitude of a retraction to ensure the normal work of the trolley.

The process flow

Structural parts forming
Apply laser detection, multi-point deflection compensation and other technologies to achieve high-precision molding such as standard joints and booms.
The coating part
Using automatic spraying, quaternary hot air circulation baking paint, electrostatic spraying and other technologies, the paint adhesion and corrosion resistance have reached the highest level in the industry.

The details show

About us

Company profile
Shandong Gao an Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with a registered capital of 15 million yuan. The factory covers an area of more than 6000 square meters and has more than 80 employees. Gao an company mainly operates all kinds of tower cranes and construction cranes, the product performance is stable, reliable performance, low maintenance rate, convenient installation and disassembly. GaoAn (GaoAn) construction machine adhering to the "god rewards those who work hard, humane value" enterprise nest culture, after nearly ten years of sustainable development. Gao an brand has covered more than 80 countries and regions. Gao an group's products, especially the "large tower crane" products with leading advantages, for the world is committed to participate in the construction of kirchu, high-rise building users, to provide quality products and after-sales service.

The main products
The main products of the company are :QTZ63 series, QTZ80 series, QTZ100 series, QTZ125 series, QTZ160 series, QTZ200 series, QTZ250 series, QTZ315 series, QTZ400 series, QTZ900 series TC type and PT type tower crane, Related accessories are provided by schneider and other well-known suppliers, our products use Q355B manganese steel and other special high-grade steel, can be customized according to customer requirements of a variety of fixed and plate derrick section size

Enterprise Honor
So far, gao 'an construction machine has applied for and obtained a total of "YMD adaptive slewing mechanism ", "rail car" and other patents more than 30. Gao 'an Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has a strong independent research and development team. The technical RESEARCH and development center consists of structural design room, electrical organization room and other design departments. The team includes designers, senior engineering jaws and engineers.

Gaoan spirit

Our strengths

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Q1: Are you a trading company or a factory?
A1: We are a trading company and have our own factory. We have both the price advantage of the
factory and the thoughtful service of the trading company; and the advantage of taking responsibility.
Q2: Can you OEM production?
A2: Yes, we can customize the production according to the drawings.
Q3: How long is your delivery time?
A3: If the goods are in stock, usually 5-10 days. Or if the goods are not in stock, then 15-20 days,
depending on the quantity.Always welcome you to visit China for ordering!
Q4: Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A4: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.
Q5: Is it convenient to see visit your factory ?
A5: Yes,we welcome every customer to visit our company.
Q6: What is your steel material?
A6: Q355B,Q235B

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