Cut Size Toughened VIG Vacuum Insulated Glass For Passive House Windows & Doors (1600341109903)

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Cut Size Low-E Toughened VIG Vacuum Insulating Glazing Glass Units For Passive House Windows & Doors

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Vacuum Insulated Glass(VIG) is made according to the principle of vacuum flask, which seals the circumference of two pieces of flat glass and keeps the space between them as 0.3mm with tiny props. Vacuumize the space to make the pressure reach 10-4Pa. In order to optimize thee function, one of them is double silver off-line Low-E glass. Due to interior vacuum, the conduction and convection of glass nearly does not exist. Almost more than 85% of the infrared radiation will be reflected back by Low-E coating. Thus, the VIG nearly interdicts the conduct, convection and eradiation, so it has superb heat preservation and heat insulation functions. Aiming to reach the level of safe VIG, the VIG adopts compound of the tempered, laminated glass and hollowed compound glass and other glass deep processing techniques.


Energy conservation and environment protection
1.Ultra-light—reduce building load-bearing and decrease construction cost.
2.Ultra-thin—reduce the use of frame materials and increase light transmittance.
3. Refrigeration and heating cost is significantly reduced- in cold winter, it can reduce energy loss in the room to save your heating cost; and in hot summer, it can lower room temperature to reduce the workload of air condition or fan.
4. Environment protection-lower the coal consumption for power generation applied in refrigeration and heating, reduce the discharge of harmful gas, such as CO2 and decrease environmental pollution! It has already become an optimum new building material which can meet low-carbon building requirements.



Advantages of VIG
1. Compared with hollow glass, it has good heat preservation, heat-insulating performance;
2. Compared with hollow glass, it has better sound insulation performance on most sound frequency, especially on low-mid frequency;
3. Lower dewing temperature, with no “inner condensation” which frequently occurs on hollow glass;
4. Wind resistance is 2 times greater than that of hollow glass which is more durable, stable and reliable.
5. It is 6mm in thickness at a minimum and is easy for renovation of old window.
6. Vacuum layer can prevent the film of Low-E coated glass from being oxidized after long-time exposure.
7. It is free from burst in plateau low pressure area as hollow glass.

Product Description


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1. Good heat insulation and heat preservation performance
The thermal insulation performance of vacuum glass is based on the principle of vacuum flask. The insulation effect of Vacuum Insulated glass is more than 1 meter thick brick wall, which is 4-6 times that of ordinary insulating glass, and the U value (also called heat transfer coefficient or K value) is as low as 0.4 W/m2K (European IFT laboratory report) )

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3. Better Soundproof Function:

The sound insulation and noise reduction performance of vacuum glass is based on the fact that sound does not propagate under vacuum conditions. The weight sound insulation of Vacuum Insulated Glass reaches 39 decibels (CTC National Inspection Group report), and about 28 decibels of general insulating glass. With VIG, the room is as quiet as a library even if it is next to an airport, viaduct or main road. Note: The higher the weighted sound insulation, the better the sound insulation effect. For example, the outdoor noise is 75 decibels, after using the Vacuum Insulated Glass, the indoor sound is 36 decibels (75-39=36), and the library is generally below 40 decibels.

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3. Good anti-condensation performance

There is no gas inside the Vacuum Insulated Glass, so there will be no "internal condensation and fog", and because the U value is extremely low, even if the outdoor temperature reaches minus 40 degrees Celsius, there will be no condensation. And the sealing material does not contain heavy metal lead, has passed RoHS certification, and can be used in the global high-end home appliance market.

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4mm Clear Bending Glass with CE & ISO9001


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