CHENGLIANG High precision Dial Indicator 0 5mm x 0.001mm Measuring Instrument (1600341966627)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Industrial Application
Bright Chrome Surface
Stable Structure
HD Engraving Line
Comfortable Hand Feeling
High Abrasion Resistance

Stainless steel measuring rod with rust and wear resistant

Special bright chrome process is adopted to the surface body with exquisite appearance and corrosion resistance

High quality stainless steel measuring rod which is rust and wear-resistant

Back cover with ear
(Note the order of back cover with lug)

1. Instructions of Use.
(1) Before using the dial indicator, it is required to check it carefully so as to avoid damage or unnecessary errors in the process of measurement.
1) Appearance inspection: whether looking glass is broken or fallen-off; whether the back cover is sealed tightly, if not, dust and moisture will invade the inner of the indicator, resulting internal parts rusted; whether the measuring head, measuring rod, sleeve, etc. have been rusted and corroded; whether the dial, pointer is loose, etc.
2) Sensitivity inspection: gently pushing and relaxing the measuring rod to check whether the movement of the measuring rod in the sleeve is stable, flexible, and whether it is stuck or jumping; whether there is friction between the main pointer and the dial; whether the swing of the main pointer is stable, etc.
3) Stability inspection: When the dial indicator is in a free state, the main pointer is located between 60° ~ 90° from the zero line to start anti-clockwise direction, push and relax the measuring rod to check whether the main pointer is returned back to the original position. If it cannot return to the original position, it indicates that the stability of the table is not good, and please do not use it.
(2) When using the dial indicator, it must be reliably fixed in the table base (universal table base, magnetic table base) or other bracket. It is not allowed to clamp the table randomly in an unstable place, which will not only cause the inaccuracy of the measurement results, but also may break the dial indicator. If the number of measured parts is more, the dial indicator can be used by fixing it in the bracket (or measuring table).
(3) If the method of clamping sleeve is adopted to fix the dial indicator, it is required to use appropriate clamping force to not only clamp it firmly but also avoid sleeve deformation, without causing the measurement rod stuck or inflexible movement.
(4) The dial indicator can be used for both absolute measurement and relative measurement.
(5) When the measuring rod gets touch with the surface to be measured, the measuring rod should have amount of compression from 0.3 to 1mm in advance to maintain the initial measuring force between the measuring head and the surface to be measured which can improve the stability of the value, therefore the main pointer should be turned to half a circle or one circle in advance.
(6) In order to read the number conveniently, the main pointer of the dial indicator should be turned to the zero position of the dial before measuring.
(7) Do not add oil to the measuring rod, so as to prevent oil contamination from entering into the dial and avoid affecting the flexibility of the table's transmission mechanism and measuring rod movement. When not in use, the measuring rod of the dial indicator should be allowed to relax freely to maintain its accuracy.

2. Product Maintenance
In addition to the general matters of maintenance, there are following parts should be observed:
(1) Do not press the measuring rod too many times, the distance shall not be too large. Sharply pressing the measuring rod to the extreme position shall be avoided, since it will cause impact to damage the mechanism and intensify the wear of the parts.
(2) When measuring, measuring rod travel shall not exceed its measurement range, so as to avoid damaging the parts of the table.
(3) Violent vibration and collision shall be prevented from Dial indicator and do not knock any parts of the dial. The measuring head shouldn’t be suddenly fallen to the measured parts while adjusting and measuring.
(4) Do not take the measuring rod, the measuring rod cannot be pressed and placed on other things, so as not to bend the measuring rod deformation.
(5) Dial indicator’s table base should be placed smoothly to prevent it from falling on the ground. While using the magnetic table base, it is required to check the button position on the table base.
(6) Water, oil and dust shall be prevented from entering into the dial. It is not allowed to immerse the dial indicator in coolant or other liquids; do not put the dial in the place filled with abrasive dust; do not disassemble the table rear cover randomly.
(7) If it is not for long-term storage, measuring rod is not allowed to be coated with Vaseline or other oils, otherwise it will make the measuring rod and sleeve bonding, resulting in inflexible movement of the measuring rod, and the oil with dust is easy to bring into the dial, affecting the accuracy of the table.
(8) After using the dial indicator, it is required to clean it and put it back into the box. The measuring rod should be put in a state of relax so as to avoid the failure of the spring in the dial.

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