Генератор кислорода медицинский бытовой ингалятор кислорода для пожилых людей и беременных женщин

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Product Description

In recent years, with the deterioration of the environment and people's attention to health issues, household medical equipment has begun to enter ordinary consumer households. Especially for the elderly who are more likely to suffer from respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and hypertension, it is a common health care method to keep a household oxygen generator for daily oxygen therapy. There are also many brands of oxygen concentrators on the market. Consumers are dazzled, but they still feel that they are unable to start. Today, the editor specially sorted out the top ten brands of oxygen concentrators recognized in the industry, so that you can know which brand of oxygen concentrators are good after reading them, and choose professional oxygen concentrator products with strong strength and high cost performance.


No.1 in the top ten oxygen generator rank: XNUO, USA

Product model
M9 Breath AI 10L
Oxygen generation system
 imr-ii oxygen generation system
Rated power
Rated power
a.c.220 V, 50 Hz
Rated current
Oxygen concentration
 93 ± 3%
Oxygen flow
10L / min
Oxygen outlet pressure
20- 70KPa
Operating noise
< 55dB (a)
Product size
Package size
Net weight of product
Gross weight of product
Breath AI, LED screen,touch light button, oxygen concentration and oxygen flow real-time display, cumulative timing, portable caster,with oxygen concentration / flow monitoring,oxygen concentration alarm, two Oxygen bottles.

Company Profile

Xnuo is a brand of Xinnuo International Group (USA) Holding Company, headquartered in South Carolina, USA. The core members of the brand are formed by a group of IT elites from Silicon Valley in the United States and the medical R&D team of the former Princeton University. As well-known medical-grade medical supplies brand in the United States, Xnuo's products include: oxygen generators, nebulizers, sphygmomanometers and other medical equipment products. The three product research and development laboratories located in Seattle, New Jersey, and Los Angeles provide users with top-notch technology and cool products. They have nearly 100 patented technologies in the oxygen concentrator industry and are called the "Apple of the medical and health industry" by the industry.

In June 2015, the American Xnuo entered the Chinese market and acquired Shenzhen Jueya Electric Co., Ltd. and positioned it as a manufacturing center, that is, Shenzhen Xnuo Intelligent Manufacturing. This Shenzhen production base, known as the "Foxconn" in the medical supplies manufacturing industry, allows the brand to complete its self-sufficiency from R&D to production. The strong technical strength allows Xnuo to establish its position as a well-known medical-grade household oxygen concentrator brand. Relying on the advantages of high cost performance, it is deeply loved by consumers.


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1. How can I get some samples?
A: We are pleased to offer you free sample, but you need to bear the freight.

2. Are you a factory?
A: Yes. We have specialized in this field about 15 Years.

3: What's your guarantee?
Normally 1-2 year guarantee, and life time maintenance.

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A: Normally 15-30 days, detail delivery date should be based on the production season and order quantity.

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A: The MOQ is based on your different order and packaging choose. Please contact us for more details.

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Normally most of our product are in stock, so the goods can be delivered within 5 workdays after receipt of payment.

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