Карманные часы Azan с Tasbih, цифровые наручные часы Qibla, направление подсветки, календарь Hijri, многоязычное мусульманское исламское время

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Al Fajar
Model No.
Solid Black, Wooden Red, Wooden Light Brown, Wooden Dark Brown
Pocket Azan Clock With Tasbih Digital Athan Watch Qibla Direction Backlight Hijri Calendar Multi-Language Muslim Islamic Time

*【TIME DISPLAY】- 12 Hours (AM/PM) or 24 Hours Time Format 
*【LANGUAGE】- English , Arabic language options 
*【CITY】- Over 6000 Cities Prayer Time Over the world Selection *NEW CITY CAN ADD 
*【TIME SETTING】- Adjust the time and calendar . *DST selection 
*【CALENDAR】- Gregorian calendar & Hijri calendar. 
*【TIME DISPLAY】- 12 Hours (AM/PM) or 24 Hours Time Format 
*【ATHAN TIME】- Athan Time Display
*【ALARM】- Prayer Alarm Setting. Alarm Sound On/Off 
*【QIBLA DIRECTION】- Qibla Direction Display 
*【TASBIH】- 0-9999 
*【TASBIH SETTING】- 33/66/99/100 
*【TASBIH SOUND SELECTION】- Can select the sound when bead counts 
*【QuR'an BOOKMARK】- Qur'an bookmark screen displays 
*【TAQWEEN】- Automatic selected while setting city. Other Taqweem systems can be selected. 
*【BACKLIGHT】- Green LED Backlight. 
*【BATTERY】- AAA battery (not including) 

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Q: Who Are You?
A: We are original factory that the biggest and original manufactory of SXH5136 Brand digital tasbih, tally counter in the world.
Q: Why Battery Can't be Changed?
A: Difficult to purchase the special battery at local market; Battery is more expensive; Environmental protection.
Q: Can we be dropship Sale?
A: Yes. One piece shipping available.

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