Электрическая машина большого размера для производства пельменей, автоматическая машина для производства самоы по низкой цене (1600342740300)

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Big size electrical dumpling machine automatic samosa making machine with low price

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Dumplings weight
10-40g/dumpling customizable
10-40g/dumpling customizable
10-40g/dumpling customizable
1000-5000 dumpling/h
10000dumpling/h customizable
20000dumpling/h customizable

1. This machine adopts the process technology of making dumplings with automatic dough pressing. The dough will not heat up, will not gelatinize, and maintain a good texture and gluten
2.The dumpling machine produced has the function of high frequency conversion and speed regulation, and uses the noodle ribs that are pressed out by the pressed noodles and the mixed noodles, which further improves the quality and taste of the dumplings.
3. According to the forming characteristics of dumplings, the principle of dual-control two-way synchronous quantitative feeding is adopted. During production, there is no need to make additional noodles, just put the dough and fillings into the designated inlet, and the dumplings can be automatically produced after turning on the machine.
4. This machine can produce quick-frozen dumplings, etc., and can produce dumplings with various meat fillings, mixed meat and vegetable fillings, vegetable fillings and other kinds of fillings.

stainless steel body

Stainless steel body, stable, safe and environmentally friendly, easy to clean, high-quality materials, safe and quality

Control panel

This machine adopts double frequency conversion control, the filling size can be adjusted freely, and it is convenient to use. The product is formed at one time, the shape of the product, the surface is smooth, and the pattern is neat

Three-dimensional stuffing bucket

Three-dimensional filling hopper, simple structure and good airtightness, Vertical stuffing auger combined with eccentric stuffing pump to squeeze the stuffing synchronously

Forming plate

The filling will not fall out, and there will be no empty dumplings. The filling speed is fast, the pressure is small and even,
and it is suitable for a variety of different fillings.

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Question 1: What are your advantages compared with your competitors?
Answer:With rich industry experience and strict Product Quality Control systems, we provide:
1. Stable and reliable product at reasonable price
2. Good customer service: Fast response to any inquiry or question
3. On-time delivery.

Question 2: Are you factory?
Answer: Yes, we are factory with more than 10 years' experience.

Question 3: Can I print my Logo on the machine?
Answer: Yes, sure.

Question 4: Can you customize the machine for me ?
Answer: Yes, we can customize according to customer's requirements.

Question 5: What shall we do if breakdown occurs?
Answer: Please informed us once the breakdown occurs. During warranty period, if breakdown occurs, we shall respond in time after receiving the notification of the buyer. We shall handle failure over the telephone/ fax or arrange relevant personnel to the site according to the buyer's requirements.

Question 6: Which ports do you usually ship at?
Answer: We can load container at: Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, Guangzhou etc.

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