HANA Reliable quality Sputtering color coating system phone glass panel metal PVD DLC coating machine production line

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Price:$170,000.00 - $230,000.00
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Product Overview


System introduction:
Hana sputtering coating system is a multi-functional sputtering coating equipment for color coating and anti-reflection coating in the panel fields of mobile phones and automobiles.
This equipment is single door structured with multiple target positions inside. This adopts a design of 8 target, which can carry out continuous coating of multiple layers of different materials. The coating of ultra thick film can achieve over 500 nanometers. ( Target can be increased according to the requirements of the customer.)
The product hanger in the cavity is detachable and can rotate at a high speed of over 60 turns per a minute. The rotating speed can be adjusted by the touch screen with no limits, and the operating status of the equipment can be visually displayed.

Application Phone glass, touch panel, touch screen, phone shell/case, camera Cover, aototive lamp,pats,car accessories,car logos,wells

1, 8targets can be flexibly configured with material of the target.
2,Each targetcan be opened simultaneously or repeatedly according to the requirements.
3,Segmented gas distribution makes the film uniformity better.
4,The coating area that can be processed each chamber is large and high efficient.
5,Convenient operation and real-time monitoring data ensure the quality of the product.
6, The reasonable overall structure is convenient for operation and maintenance.

1600X2100,1800X2100,2500X2700, Customized
Vacuum system
Diffusion pump +Roots pump +Mechanical pump(3.0*10-4Pa)
Workpiece motion mode
We can design the dimension of the equipment according to customer’s special technique requirement.

Basic configuration:
Size of vacuum coating chamber:( can be customized according to the requirements)
VSD 1621 (1600x2100)
VSD 1821. (1800x2100)
VSD 2527. (2500x2700)
Vacuum system: POLY cold unit( reaching below -135 Celsius); Rotary Pump (RP) +Mechanical Booster Pump( MBP)+Turbo Molecular Pump(TMP)
Process power: MF power supply
Control system: PLC and one touch screen.

Core competence:
Stable sputtering coating reactive coating technology
Patented cathode structure design, multi-section gas path control technology and constant pressure control gas volume, can achieve stable control of magnetron sputtering rate, using online real-time monitoring of film thickness design, to ensure the uniformity of the reaction film of various gases.

In addition to the simple and convenient operation of the equipment also considers long term maintenance for customers

Shanghai Hana Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2004, integrating development, production and sale. It is a professional manufacturer of coating machines and a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. We have the best equipment, technical personnel and testing, and ensure the high-quality and high-efficiency of the equipment. The core competence of our company is to provide customized process technical solutions according to the process requirements of each industry and product, and give professional guidance and training, to meet and solve the various needs from the customer.

The main high-tech equipment from the company are PVD coating system,CVD coating system ,Evaporation coating system , double jig coating system, automotive lamp coating system ,AF coating system ,magnetron sputter coating system, AR coating system , in-line vacuum coating system,、plasma coating system、EMI coating system、、ion sputter car light coating system、phone lens coating system、phone camera coating system , battery vaccum dryer、vacuum exhaust machine and Vaccum accessories etc。The products could be used for automotive lamp, automotive accesories,camera , phone glass, phone case ,phone sell, phone semiconductor , touch screen, panel computer, battery, film , appliance (3C)and etc.

1. When is the delivery time?
Delivery will occur 90 days from order date. Faster delivery time can be arranged if needed.

2. Can you provide us with a vacuum solution?
Yes, we have 20 years of experience in vacuum coating. We can help you realize mass production from the beginning of planning the production line to coating process and training

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