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Enzyme Acid powder


  White  powder


Herbal Extract




1kg/ Aluminum foil bag, 25kg/ Fiber drum

Acid protease is produced by fermentation and refining of excellent Aspergillus niger strains. It can effectively hydrolyze protein under low pH conditions. It is widely used in alcohol, liquor, beer, brewing, food processing, feed additives, and leather processing. And other industries.

1. Acid protease is a water soluble enzyme that is capable of breaking down peptide bonds in proteins.

2. It breaks down and increases protein dispersibility, solubility, palatability and digestibility.

3. Acid Protease is mainly used in alcohol fermentation
1) It is ideal for use in the industries that utilize corn, rice, wheat and other high starch content ingredients.
2) In soy sauce production, Acid Protease help increase the concentration of amino acids.
3) In beer production, Acid Protease can even replace the use of Papain and pineapple protease.

4.Acid Protease consumed by the animal along with the feed, will work under the harsh condition of the stomach to hydrolyze protein into peptides and amino acids, promote digestion and absorption.



1. Liquor industry:This product uses starch as a raw material in the production of alcohol and liquor industry, which improves the liquor yield by 0.25% and increases the fermentation speed.

2. Food industry:Used in food to improve starch, improve food flavor and improve quality, because it can increase amino acid content.

3. Beer production:Can effectively block the formation of diacetyl and shorten the beer maturity period.

4. Feed additives:Improve feed utilization.

5. Fur softening:Improve the coloring rate, feel full, and increase the luster of the fur.





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