Fine Chemicals Mixing Filtration Price Vacuum Industrial Dryer

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Product Overview


Products Description

Compact filter vacuum drying system specially designed for R&D, manufacturing of samples, scale-up and validation of process parameters.

Working capacity
Standard Dimensions 
in mm, prior packing
980W x 600D x 1450H
complete unit
1 unit
Wooden export crate

** Main Features **
Filtration, washing of the cake, mixing, vacuum drying and cooling operations can be carried out in a single equipment. This multifunctionality eliminates the need of material transfer between processes leading to reduction in number of equipment required as well as reduction in loss of material, processing time, manpower demand and operators exposure to the product.

Small sample requirements (<2L)
Simple internal structure with no shaft seals or agitator blades prevents foreign material contamination and / or breakage of the particles of the product.
Compact and mobile design (plug & play type, w/ caster)
Hygienic design for contamination-free processing
Easy disassembly for cleaning
Can be offered as a fully integrated package comprising condenser, vacuum pump, hot water generator, cooling water pump, etc. (required utilities: electrical power and compressed air)

Example of applications: fine chemicals, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs.

Pilot equipment available at our test center in Japan.

Working capacity: <2L

As standard the equipment is designed based on Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).
On request, the equipment can be designed to comply with different regulations: EN regulations, CE Mark, UL, etc., as well as customer's specifications.
Equipment designed for the following heat transfer medium: hot water

Equipment made in Japan
QMS: ISO 2001/2015

Company Profile

Since 1927 we have been dedicating our efforts to drying and thermal processes, gaining an extensive experience in the design of equipment and processes for sectors such as food, beverages, nutraceuticals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, environmental, among others.

Line of business: engineering, designing, manufacturing and sales of industrial dryers, granulators, mixers, sterilization systems, liquid vacuum evaporators/ concentrators, sludge treatment equipment, etc.

Product exported to over 35 countries
QMS: ISO9001/2015
Patents and utility models: 148, pending: 22

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