Weighing Transmitter Analog Weight Indicator Force Measuring Controller With Modbus BST106 B60S[L] (1600346350023)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Main Applications

1.Weight/Force Display.

2.Peak Value Detection / Display Holding.

3.Weight/Force Signal AO/Digit Transmission.

4.Setpoint DO Output.

5.Weight/Force Limit DO Alarm Mode.

6.Weight/Force Increment DO Output Mode.

7.Weight/Force Decrement DO Output Mode.

8.Weight/Force Section DO Output Mode.

Main Features

1.EMC design with high anti-jam for industrial environment.

2.DC24V power input with reverse polarity protection.

3.32-bit ARM CPU with 48MHz clock & high arithmetic speed.

4.5 Red LED digital tubes for English&digit display.

5.24-bit ∑-△ADC with internal resolution 1/1,000,000.

7.High sampling frequency 1280Hz.

8.Optional Special Anti-vibration Digital Filtering Algorithm for precise weighing, stable display and rapid response.

9.Auto Zero Tracking.

10.Load Calibration, Data Calibration & Segmenting Correction.

11.Definable AO/COM[Communication Port].

Technical Specifications:

1.Power Supply: DC24V±20%, Max. 5W.

2.Loadcell Excitation Voltage/Current: DC5V/120mA.

3.8 Loadcells[350Ω] connectable.

4.Transmitter Excitation Voltage/Current: DC12V/100mA.

5.Optional weighing/force input signal mV, V and mA.

6.[mV]Signal Input Range: 0~19.5mV.

7.[V]Signal Input Range: 0~2.5V, 0~5V, 0~10V.

8.[mA]Signal Input Range: 0~20mA.

9.2 Normally open/closed Relays [DO]: AC250V/DC24V, 1A.

10.1 Analog Signal Output [AO]: 0~20mA, 0.05%FS.

11.COM1: RS232.   

12.COM2: RS485.

13.Connect Host IPC[Modbus] & Remote Display.

14.Outline Size [W×H×D]: 107 × 60 × 100 mm.

15.Panel Cut-out Size [W×H]: 94 × 47 mm.

16.Operating Temperature: -25℃~+45℃.

17.Protection Level of Front Panel: IP65.

18.Accuracy Grade: III.

19.Verification Accuracy: 0.03%.

20.Static Weighing / Force Measuring Accuracy: 0.2%~0.5%.

Detailed Images

Menu Operation
Key Name
Enter Main Menu / Exit.
Cursor shifts right.
Display the previous option.
Display the next interface or option.
Digit input: +1 ( 0~9 loop).
Setpoint parameters setting.
[-ZEro]: Zero Calibration with Power-down Protection and Clearing Tare Weight.
[≡ZEro]: Zero Fine Adjustment without Power-down Protection and without Clearing Tare Weight.
The controller will switch to Gross Weight display.
[≡tArE]: Manual Tare without Power-down Protection.
[-PStr]: Preset Tare Weight with Power-down Protection.
[-rStr]: Clear Tare Weight with Power-down Protection.
The controller will switch to Net Weight display.
Gross Weight / Net Weight / Net Weight Peak Value display switch.
[-CLS] : Clear Screen [Clear the display value of Peak Value].


\tOutline Size: 107×60×100mm [W×H×D]

\tFront Panel Size: 107×60mm [W×H]

\tBox Body Size: 93×46mm [W×H]

Panel Cut-out Size:94×47mm [W×H].


 Panel-mounting Terminal



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We need to know the following information: Capacity, Usage and other related parameters you need. 

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