Садовое оборудование для подачи воды, шланговая насадка с прочным качеством (1600347292646)

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Gardening Watering supplies made in Japan

High quality, reliable and made in Sanjo Japan.
Our products offer trusted performance from the materials used to the final quality inspection. In Japan those who seek same touch and quolity buy it again and again.

Product Name
Gardening Watering supplies made in Japan
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Watering supplies
Nozzle for bonsai and planting. We offer stainless steel and brass. Using the fine mesh, water can be sprinkled in a light mist.       The stainless steel model is designed for durability. The mesh is measured at 0.4mm hole size for all models and the hole size is not affected by water pressure.

How to use
The mesh is easy to clean if it becomes clogged with debris.  
The head is durable and suit able for home use.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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tools for pruning

tools for molding

tools for transplant

Pruning is necessary for Bonsai trees to set the form of the extended branches and allow the sunlight into the tree.
In general, the tip sprout of the Bonsai tree grows fast, but the under sprouts of the Bonsai tree do not grow fast.
For that reason, you cut the tip of the sprout of The Bonsai tree and then the under sprout will grow faster. After that new branches will grow so that the Bonsai tree’s balance will improve.
If you don't do pruning like this, the Bonsai tree's shape will be disturbed in the future.
And this way of pruning increases the number of new sprouts and they increase the nutrition of the Bonsai tree.
This way of pruning also increases nourishment from the sun and ventilation improves. Pruning also helps protect the Bonsai from
To mold the Bonsai tree it is important to use wire hanging.
You can change the branch and position of the branch by wire hanging.
Changing the branch to the new position will take a few months and it is necessary to take off the wire depending on the
Every Bonsai tree’s wire hanging is fine to do though all seasons.
On the wired branches a trace of the wire remains.
It is necessary to check the branches to make sure that the wire isn’t damaging the branches.
Transplanting Bonsai is very important to prevent the roots from becoming tangled and dying.
Transplanting is a way to give nutrition to the Bonsai tree for sprouting and flower blooming and to help the Bonsai grow.
The time of transplanting is different depending on the Bonsai pot and the age of the Bonsai.
Because of rapid growth, it is necessary to transplant young Bonsai after 1 to 2 years.
After the Bonsai is mature, it is necessary to transplant after 3 to 5 years.
The best season to transplant Bonsai is Spring, because the sprouts are not growing.
In the Spring season, it is not necessary to protect the branches and the damage is minimum for transplanting. If the roots are
damaged, they will heal quickly.

tools for jin-shari

tools for beginners

for experts

In Japanese, the following process is called ‘Jin-Shari’.
‘Jin’ is the seasoned aged appearance of the branches of the Bonsai tree, and ‘Shari’ is the seasoned aged appearance of the trunk of the Bonsai tree.
The natural process of this characteristic occurs when a tree is struck by lightning, dried in a drought, exposed to cold
temperatures, or when branches break due to snow or wind.
The exposed parts of wood become seasoned and aged to a white color.
It is difficult for beginners to know which Bonsai tools to use.
We recommend that beginners use special tools designed specifically for Bonsai.
Tanabe designs and sells high quality gardening and Bonsai tools. These tools are designed for experts and they provide
comfortable and effective use. We also produce original tools for those who have mastered the basics. For custom designed tools,
please send the design to e-mail address: [email protected] We are sorry, but we may be unable to produce your custom design.

How to choose the tool

We produce many tools that are necessary and convenient when you start Bonsai. There are tools from beginners to professionals.

It is important to always use the correct tools when caring for Bonsai.

Bonsai scissors
These Bonsai scissors are easy to use for beginners.
Bonsai tweezers
Like Bonsai scissors, these tweezers are very durable and last a long time. These tweezers are useful for fine details like pickng leaves, and removing insects. The spatula is useful for arranging soil.

Watering nozzle
This watering nozzle sprinkles soft misty water over Bonsai trees.
Branch cutter
These branch cutters are used to cut thick branches and trunks. They can also be used to cut thick roots.

These tools are used to create the desired design of Bonsai.

This wire is convenient to fix the nets of Bonsai pots and branches.
Wire cutter
This wire cutter is convenient to use to cut wire. Bonsai scissors shouldn't be used to cut, Wire cutter is used. We recommend Wire cutter beginners use the smallest size of Wire cutter.

Bonsai plier
You can use these pliers to bend and extend wire. It is easier and faster than doing it by hand. We recommend Bonsai pliers and beginners should use the smallest size of Bonsai pliers.
Bonsai vise
The Bonsai vise is used to bend the trunk and branches when wire cannot be used.

These tools are necessary when you replant the Bonsai tree from an old pot to a new pot.

Net of Bonsai pot
This net is placed at the bottom in the Bonsai pot. It protects from spilling soil and insects.
Bonsai rake and spatula・Root pick
The rake is used to remove soil from Bonsai tree roots during replanting. The spatula is used to move the soil.

You can use this scoop to put soil in to Bonsai pots.
This stainless steel sieve set can be used to prepare the soil according to grain size and remove dust before adding to the Bonsai pot.

Bonsai brush
The stainless steel Bonsai brush can be used to clean the trunk of the Bonsai tree after replanting in the Bonsai pot. It is also convenient to smooth the trunk and branches after 'Jin' and 'Shari'. This Bonsai brush is used to smooth the soil and clean the Bonsai pot.

Useful tools for Bonsai trees.

Long handled bonsai scissors・Twig scissors・Satsuki scissors
These scissors are for the fine details of Bonsai trees. Trimming small leaves and sprouts are also easy to do with these scissors.
Knob cutter
This Knob cutter is suitable to use to cut off branches from the trunk of Bonsai trees.

Bonsai chisel
The Bonsai chisel is used to do 'Jin' and 'Shari' on the Bonsai tree.
Bonsai turntable
When you are caring for the Bonsai tree, you can turn it on the Bonsai turntable to make it more convenient.. With this turntable it is easy to view the Bonsai tree from various angles.

Company Profile

We manufacture Bonsai scissor, gardening scissors flowerscissors and gardening tools and supplies using blacksmithing techniques with a 400 year history. We also offer original equipment manufacturing(OEM) products. The forging techniques we use are those that were historically used to forge Japanese swords. It has been a privilege to serve our customer's gardening needs since 1933.There is also a foreign design registration commodity.

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