Halal Meat Lamb Goat Sheep Cow Calf factory use Plastic Basket Tray Crate Washing Machine (1600347989976)

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China supplies tunnel type vegetable fish basket cleaning machine

Plastic Basket Washing Machine is widely used in the Food industry, Chicken farm, Baking shop,
Auto parts industry, Bio-Pharmaceuticals etc. Regarding the chicken baskets, baking pans,
stainless steel trays, plastic pallet, turnover box, trash bins, seedling tray, tote and other containers,
this machine can do a good job of cleaning.
It can not only save labor greatly, ensure the safety and hygiene of workshop, but also complete cleaning, drying and sterilization at one time, greatly improve work efficiency, complete the mechanization and automation of the whole production process, greatly improve production level and save production costs.The whole equipment only needs two people to operate, including self-conveying, multi-stage cleaning, air-drying, drying, sterilization, automatic water supply, automatic water supply,
temperature protection, water shortage protection and other devices.

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