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Product Overview


Oyster Extract oyster peptide powder
Oyster peptide are small molecular polypeptide substance using directed enzyme digestion to separate protein extracted from oyster powder. Oysters, also known as fresh oysters. It belongs to Bivalves of Mollusca. Oysters occur at the junction of seawater or saltwater and feed on plankton.Oyster peptides are not only rich in protein, vitamins, trace elements with appropriate proportion and taurine, but also contain a variety of nutrients that marine organisms are specific.Oyster meat is rich in many minerals and trace elements,including calcium 4094.04 mg/g, iron 5.50-8.00 mg/g, selenium 49.00 mg/g and zinc 22.54 mg/g. The content of taurine in oyster meat extract is 50.6 mg/g, which is higher than that in clam,squid, sea cucumber and other seafood.

Product Name
Oyster Extract oyster peptide
Latin Name
ostrea gigas thunberg
White Powder
95% 98%
Test Method
Fresh Oyster Meat/Dry Oyster Meat
Pharmaceutical Grade
Extraction Type
Powder Extraction
Drum Or Polythene Bag
Sterilization Method
Particle Size
100% Pass 80 meshes
Bulk Density
Loss On Drying
Heavy Metal
Shelf Life
2 Years

Function of Oyster Extract oyster peptide:
1. Improving eyesight.
2. Composed effect.
3. Hemostatic effect.
4. Anti-stress role.
5. Oxidation, anti-aging, reduce the content of fat meat brain brown.
6. Antitumor function.
7. Antibacterial, antiphlogistic effect and promote wound healing effect.
8. The influence on immune function.
9. Aphrodisiaceffects: the obvious increase of the foreskin gland, semen capsule, the prostate, increase the weight of the weight of the testicles 10. Of cardiac function: to improve the effect of cardiac systolic force..

Application of Oyster Extract oyster peptide:
1.Oyster peptide promote bile secretion, exclude the accumulation of liver neutral fat, and improve liver detoxification
2.Oyster peptide improve sexual function, oyster peptide contains a large amount of arginine necessary for sperm, &zinc
3.Oyster peptide has a good preventive effect on inducing angina pectoris, myocardial infarction &cerebral infarction
4.Oyster peptide powder prevent skin dryness, promote skin metabolism, decompose skin melanin, and produce delicate and rosy skin

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