Китайский конденсатор для паровой воды в воду, жидкостный котел, корпус и трубчатый теплообменник

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China Industrial Boiler Evaporator Condenser Shell And Tube Type Heat Exchanger For Marine Engine

What is tube heat exchanger?

Tube exchanger is the equipment that can transfer certain heat from the thermal fluid to the cold fluid. It is the essential equipment
to achieve the heat exchange and transfer during the production process.
Tube heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchanger suitable for steam-steam, steam-liquid and liquid-liquid heat transfer.

It is widely using in heating and cooling treatment of materials during production in food, beverage, pharmacy, chemical industry, etc. The tube heat exchanger could be designed and produced according to customer's various requirements. different materials, size accepted.

Spiral wound tube heat exchanger is our featured product.

Spiral tube heat exchanger advantages 
High heat transfer coefficient. the heat transfer ability is 3-5 times greater than the conventional heat exchanger,
Long service life. The elastic tube bundle in the heat exchanger can absorb the stress and vibration effectively. the design life is up to 20
Low scaling tendency. the scaling tendency is lower and has a lower probability of impurity deposition.
Occupy small space. Compact configuration, occupy small area,one fifth as the traditional equipments.saving space and reducing


 Specification for tubular heat exchanger
Optional material
SS 304, 316L, duplex steel 2205, 2507, carbon steel , pure titanium, zirconium, Hastelloy , etc.
 φ8, φ10, φ12, φ14, φ16, φ19 ,φ25 etc
Max. heat exchanger area
200 square meter (customized)
Max. working pressure
4 Mpa  (customized)
Max. temperature
300 degree celsius  (customized)
Installation type
Carried standard
Our national standard, GBT151-2014

You can tell me your need (medium, inlet/outlet temperature, working pressure, flow quantity etc) or send me the drawing,We can design and manufacture all types of tubular heat exchanger to order based on your requirements or select from our stock range of products.We will work together with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.

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Company Profile

Qinglei has been designing and manufacturing heat exchangers since 2010 to the energy (oil & gas, nuclear), petrochemical, pharmaceutical, marine servicing and repair, food and drink industries.The company has an experienced team of energy-saving and electromechanical equipment design experts, with 20 engineers and 30 technicians, with a complete set of management, production, inspection systems, advanced production equipment, using automatic welding technology, automatic winding technology, With higher thermal efficiency, less energy consumption, lower fouling tendency, and higher cost performance, our heat exchangers are exported to many countries and regions. We provides tailored heat transfer solutions for petrochemical, heat, power, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Our mainly products are spiral tube heat exchanger, shell and tube heat exhcanger, sanitary double plate tube heat exchanger, silicon carbide heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger,heat exchanger unit,storage tank, pressure vessel, reactor, temperature control unit etc.Our experience has helped customers solve difficult fluid flow, heat transfer, and corrosion problems with sophisticated material selection and creative fabrication designs.

Project Cases

Tubular heat exchanger widely using in heating and cooling treatment of materials during production in food, beverage,
pharmacy,chemical industry, etc, the tube heat exchanger could be designed and produced according to customer's various requirements.different materials, size accepted.They are widely distributed in industry, being useful for condensers, turbine coolers, evaporators, feed water preheating, and much more.
*High Efficiency Reflux Condenser
It can be used in Reaction kettle for condensing organic matter like ethylene glycol. The condensed organic matterare always purified and refused...
*Recycling of Dichloromethane Heat Exchanger
These heat exchangers are used to recycle organic exhaust gas from plant to protect environment.,
*Industrial Reboiler and Condenser
Our heat exchanger acts as the top condenser. Distillation is fine separation, generally in the raw materials, chemical industry solvent recovery application, this recovery solvent requires high purity.


Packing & Delivery

1.Usually use standard export wooden box.
2. Packing according to customer requirements, welcome to contact us.


1.Are you manufacturer or trading company?
A: Yes,we are the professional heat exchanger manufacturer in China.
2.How could we confirm the details of the products?
A: Qinglei will provide the detail drawings for you to confirm.
3. How long the warranty will be?
A: 1 Year warranty.
4.What information needed if I want a quotation?
Please advise us the Type of heat exchangers, Material , Heat Exchanger Capacity, Water Flow, Water Temperature in and out Refrigrant Freon Type, Quantity, or any requirements in size.

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