Premium Japanese high quality make up foundation for face of corpse

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Mortuary Foundation, " MONIQUE" is packed of eight colors (jars) to cover Asian pigments and made in Japan with high-quality and non toxic ingridients. We offer to sell a case ( 8 different colors packed) for 1st buyers.

100 cases
8 colors in a case
Variety colors
Asian clear
Orange clear
Asian cream
Brown cream
Ocher cream
Charcoal cream
Light pink cream
Vermilion cream

This eight dignified colors can be divided by 2 and 6 colors. Two colors we call is "Clear foundation" and six is "Cream foundation."
Clear is more smooth and make-up finishing is less when you apply it to lightly but the color is to be left clear with natural complexion.
On the other hand, Cream foundation works for moderate covers such as jaundice cases, postmortem stains, refrigerated dried skin, and redness .
Additionally, light pink would be for a baby cases or high-light and charcol would be for eye lushes, eye brows, eye lines or hairlines. Instruction is inside of each package.

This products is designed to the same ingridients used as regular cosmetics for us, live people. Diligent embalmers/morticians are able to use Monique to themselves prior to applying to deceased as practice without any tigling, rough skin, redness, or swollen in the case of using conventional mortuary make-up.

This development was made by a licensed funeral director/embalmer in our team and took more than an year until she is satisfied. These foundations have been taken stability test for 6 months and they got outstanding results.

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Kubota is dedicated to funeral directors and embalmers who support families and serve meaningful ceremoneies in Death-Care industry of Japan. We are blessed to have a experienced and licensed funeral director/Embalmer in our team who developed our Mortuary Foundation, "Monique." This is the most favorable Mortuary Foundation for Japanese morticians

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