Bulk Wholesale Price Exotic Fruit Other Fresh Fruit White Pulp Sweet Flavor Soursop for Sale

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Bulk Wholesale Price Exotic Fruit Other Fresh Fruit White Pulp Sweet Flavor Soursop for Sale

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Bulk Wholesale Price Exotic Fruit Other Fresh Fruit White Pulp Sweet Flavor Soursop for Sale
bulk fresh fruit exotic fresh fruit other fresh fruit
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Guanabana has an ovoid shape with sizes between 10cm and 34cm of height and 7cm and 15cm of width. Its skin is covered by soft thorns. Contain a juicy and gelatinous white pulp and black seeds not edible.

Also known as Soursop.

Guanabana has a lot of benefits such as:
* Helps to prevent a lot of kinds of cancer.
* Helps to improve the immune system.
* Helps to prevent the osteoporosis, due to its high levels of Phosphorus and Calcium.
* It has antiseptic properties.
* It has digestive properties.

Tips for consumption
Cuts the fruit in two parts and then take the juicy pulp with a spoon. This fruit is ideal to prepare juices, desserts and jams.
It’s important keep refrigerated if it’s gonna to be stored.

All year round

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Our Company

We want to harvest wellness for the world
Our fruits are all Natural, NON-GMO Certified

We're a company specialized in fruits, with more than 10 years of experience into this business we grow and export premium fresh fruits to more than 15 countries. We offer fresh fruit, freeze-dried fruits, dried fruits, frozen fruit pulp and heathy snacks made with fruits. We work directly with small Colombian farmers under fair trade policies. 

In Etnico we believe in the achievement of a better lifestyle when you decide to eat in a healthy way and have a delight of flavours with the most exotic fruits in the world.That's why we commercialise around the globe, nutritious and exotic fruits from the most prodigious Colombian soils.

Our labour is based on harvest wellness for:
Our growers: Working direct with them and under fair trade, we guarantee the creation of decent employments, prosperity for their families and development of Colombian field.
Our consumers: Promote the consumption of fruits and offer different alternatives to consume it's our strongest tool to prevent the progression of chronic diseases and encourage the healthy habits of consumption.

We're committed to fair trade and protecting the environment. In that way, we work strongly to offer you products of the highest quality.

Each time that you have a Etnico product in your hands, you can feel confident because we are:


1. Where come your products ?
We're a Colombian company located in Bogota. We harvest all our products in Cundinamarca and Boyaca departments, near to Bogota.

2. Can I ask for a sample ?
Yes, you can. We can ship a sample where you need.

3. What coverage do you have ?
We have a qualified logistic team, which ensures global coverage to ship our products.

4. Can I put my own brand in the products ?
Yes, you can. We can offer you all our fruits under our brand "Etnico" or we can work under your brand.

5. Do you supply your products in bulk ?
Yes, we do.

6. Do you help me with POS marketing ?
We design special strategies to help you increase the marketing at point of sale (POS) using tools such as traffic breaker, flyers, among others.

I always welcome any comments & willing to reply to any questions from you.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Mr. Daniel Rodriguez

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