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Warehouse AMR SRC Controller 2000-I(S)
Warehouse AMR SRC Controller 2000-I(S), a universal controller designed for mobile robots (AGV, AMR, etc.) in industrial fields, provides some major features such as map editing, localization navigation and model editing. This warehouse robot controller adapts to the various popular lidars and provides abundant interfaces such as I/O, CAN, RS485 to access to various sensors and driving devices. It integrates the key components together with powerful client software to help users quickly complete manufacture and deployment of mobile robots.

① The positioning accuracy is affected by environment, mechanical structure, driver, etc. Please refer to the positioning accuracy interpretation in the final technical agreement.
② The actual maximum navigation speed will be limited by motor speed, wheel radius, wheelbase, etc
③ Some functions need additional accessories, please refer to the appendix for details
④ Basic features include map editing, model editing, positioning module, navigation module, basic motion model (differential), peripheral expansion function (roller, jacking, latent traction), API interface, etc
⑤ If the forklift version is equipped with the 3D obstacle avoidance function, it can only stop when it encounters an obstacle, it cannot walk around the obstacle.

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