HOT SALE Dry Cabinet FOR LAB (1600354044344)

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Products Description

Product Description .
The clean drying box is a kind of controlled clean equipment that can evaporate the material moisture and quickly discharge the moisture out of the box, and maintain a high clean environment in the box. The equipment is widely used in medicines, medical equipment, food, Drying of products in sanitary, electronic, optical and other environments is an ideal purification device that keeps the product clean and allows the product to dry quickly.


Clean grade
Class A---Class D
Temperature control range
Minimum humidity
Exhaust volume
Temperature uniformity
Pressure control range
Equipment surface temperature
Not higher than the indoor temperature of 8℃
Power supply
AC220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz
Customized according to size
Verification content
Temperature, humidity and its uniformity, dehumidification efficiency, maximum temperature, exhaust volume, wind speed,
differential pressure, dust particles, floating bacteria

Company Profile

Suzhou HJ Clean Tech. Co., Ltd.,founded in March two thousand and four, has been focusing on the research and development, production and sales of disinfection and sterilization equipment and instruments, and has rich experience in the field of disinfection and sterilization. Under the support of advanced technology and strong research and development strength, the company has designed a number of disinfection and air purification products. Its ozone disinfection cabinet, ozone disinfection machine, hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine, disinfection car and air purification products are widely used in medicine, laboratory, medical treatment, home and other industries, and are exported to all over the world. We have not only a professional laboratory, but also a number of senior engineers and senior technicians.From product research and development, model design, forming to product assembly, every link and process are strictly tested and controlled. The company has introduced the world's excellent management philosophy, in line with the principle of serving customers, we have enough confidence to assure users: to provide users with great quality and cost-effective products.


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