TAKO 10kg frozen octopus 10kg market frozen seafood from Japan (1600354801271)

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Product Overview


Japanese TAKO Frozen Octopus (10kg)

Products Description

Steamed TAKO Octopus packed in Japan.
You can use it for Japanese dishes such as Sushi, Takoyaki as well as other cuisines.

Product Name
Japanese TAKO Frozen Octopus (10kg)
Net Weight /Piece
1kg ~ 2kg
Storage Temperature
Frozen (-25℃)
Package Type
Plastic bag (Vacuum package) packed in Styrofoam boxes
Shelf Life
12 months


Looking for distributors for food service market all over the world!
We can consolidate and deliver it to you together with our other Japanese items!

■Our Advantage

1. Size variation
We have several variation of size 6~7pieces, 8~9pieces or 10 pieces for 10kg(1 carton). Please let us know the size you prefer.
2. Premium quality
We chose only high graded TAKO octopus which has a good balance of taste and texture.

3. Consolidated shipping
Since we deal with variety of Japanese products, we can deliver you this item with other products.

■How to Use

Our TAKO octopus is suitable for many dishes such as;

1. Sushi
2. Takoyaki
3. Seafood Salad… anything you wish!

Company Profile

ksn Corporation Ltd.

"Yes! We Deliver to You!"
ksn Corporation is a Japanese food supplier, exporting a wider range of products such as Japanese seafood, seasonings, tea and sweets.

Based in Tokyo and Dubai, we export our products all over the world by sea and air.

We have more than 300 SKUs, so please inquire anything about Japanese food and its related products to us. We will deliver it to you!

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