Universal Laptop Battery Tester NLBA1,Auto Battery Tester With PC Software Controlled

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Product Overview



Product Description







This is our third generation of Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer developed by our team in Romania.

The device can be used by anyone who wants to diagnose, repair, revive/wake up, charge, discharge, calibrate or measure real capacity of almost all laptop batteries on the market.

The device is controlled by an advanced PC software (software and user manual are in English).

I will offer you a fast and great support (over community/forum, email, skype).

Support directly from the person who developed it.

I will offer information about laptop batteries, how they work, how to use the PC Software, etc.







Major Features


- Reads inner battery information stored inside the battery controller (even the battery is over discharged and the chip is not powered. The device generates an output voltage to power up the battery)
- Calculates battery health

- Detects if a chip is locked (battery not working in the laptop) or unlocked

- Detects the chip name

- Automatic pinout detection based on battery part number (more than 1000 battery part numbers in the database)
- Charges the battery with a lot of custom parameters (3.0 A maximum charging current)

- Discharges the battery with a lot of custom parameters (-3.0 A minimum discharging current)

- Track the cells voltage curves on graph during discharging

- Measures the real battery capacity
- Displays the correct voltage for each group of cells connected inside the battery (you will know exactly which cells are under discharged and how good they are)
- Calibrate / auto-cycle with many options (from time to time, laptop batteries need to have a calibration cycle 100%-0%-100% in order to display accurate battery status)
- Checks each Li-ion cell individually and displays which is GOOD, POOR or BAD
- Calculates the internal cell resistance based on a special algorithm

- Can revive those batteries that are under discharged (stored for a long period without charging)

- Hardware protection against accidental reverse battery connection, all kind of shorts on the device output pins, the device will be safe, current limit and thermal protection

- Has DC Fan and temperature sensor able to dissipate up to 50W 

- It has diagnostic functions which offer easily access to DC FAN, Temperature Sensor, Output Voltage, Calibration, Stored Errors, etc

- Built in microcontroller

- Aluminium enclosure 1mm tickness

- Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 
- USB connection


                                                         What is in the package

- Laptop Battery Analyzer NLBA1 device

- Cables for standard batteries

- Cables for laptop batteries that have ribbon cable (new batteries including Apple)

- AC Adapter 100-240V to 20V 3.34A DC (for the wall cable I have only US and Europe, please write me if you want it)

- USB cable

- A flyer with web address for downloading the software and the digital manual


 12 Months Warranty

 30 days returns accepted



I guarantee that you will be satisfied with this product.

Shipping by UPS from Romania with tracking number, usually between 5 to 7 business days.

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