Sodium Hyaluronic Acid Powder Cosmetic Grade Hyaluronic Acid for Serum (1600356492640)

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Product Name
hyaluronic acid powder
White Powder
Active Ingredients
hyaluronic acid
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Shaanxi Bohong Health Industry Co., Ltd.
Cool and dry place
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 1-3 working days after payment

The traditional theory believes that the formation of wrinkles is related to the breakage or loss of collagen elastic fibers.Modern medical research has found that another fundamental cause of wrinkle formation is the change of intercellular substance,that is, the reduction of "hyaluronic acid", a non-forming component between cells, while cell scaffolds and elastic fibers still exist. Mini facelift is to replenish the lost intangible interstitial components, and then change the metabolic environment of the cells and the balance of water and ions, thereby increasing the viscoelasticity of the skin and achieving the cosmetic effect.

1. Improve efficacy
HA is the main component of connective tissues such as human intercellular substance, vitreous body, joint synovial fluid, etc. It has the properties of retaining water in the body, maintaining extracellular space, regulating osmotic pressure, lubricating, and promoting cell repair.
2. Wrinkle resistance
The moisture level of the skin is closely related to the hyaluronic acid content. With age, the hyaluronic acid content in the skin decreases, which weakens the skin's water retention function and causes wrinkles. Sodium hyaluronate aqueous solution has strong viscoelasticity and lubricity. When applied to the skin surface, it can form a moisturizing and breathable film to keep the skin moisturized and shiny. The small molecule hyaluronic acid can penetrate into the dermis to promote blood microcirculation,which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients by the skin, and plays the role of beauty and anti-wrinkle health care.

1. It can effectively inhibit starch decomposition, which is good for losing weight;
2. With the function of protecting spleen and kidney;
3. Promoting the ordered split of WBC in mammals.
4. Have great curative effect of obesity, diabetes;
5. Invigorate the function of spleen, tonify kidney;
6. Be good for intestinal peristalsis

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