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Copper-molybdenum-copper (Cu/Mo/Cu) packaging material is a flat composite material with sandwich structure, which uses pure molybdenum as the core material and is coated with pure copper or dispersion strengthened copper on both sides.

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This material has adjustable thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity and excellent high temperature resistance, and has been widely used in electronic packaging. Copper-molybdenum-copper materials belong to metal-based planar layered composite electronic packaging materials. The structure of this kind of electronic packaging composite materials is laminated, which is generally divided into three layers. The middle layer is a low-expansion material layer, and the two sides are high-conductivity material layers. Of course, there are also two or four composite laminates.


The production process is generally prepared by rolling composite, electroplating composite, explosion forming and other methods. This kind of material has good thermal conductivity and low expansion coefficient in the plane direction, and basically does not have the problem of compactness. In addition, the processing cost of this material is relatively low. For example, it can be rolled continuously to produce Cu/Invar/Cu composite plates, which can greatly reduce the production cost. It can also be processed into 70um foil, which can be widely used in PCB core layer and lead frame materials.

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