Moisture And Waterproof Cardboard Shipping Anti Pallet Plastic Slip Sheet

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Product Overview


Slip Sheet Product Description

What Is Slip Sheet?
The main task of Slip Sheet handling is as a replacement of wooden pallets with a less expensive, thinner, lighter and more environmentally friendly Slip Sheet.

Kraft Paper Slip Sheet
1.Save Space
2.Strong tensile
3.Load 500kg(1000lb)

Plastic Slip Sheet
3.Light weight

Slip Sheet Advantage

1. Cheaper
2. Space saving
3. Lighter
4. Environment-friendly
5. Reduce rodent an insect infestation

Product Category

Slip Sheet Size



Loading Capacity

Friction Coefficient

















Instructions For Use

1.The Slip Sheet is pushed or pulled by a special attachment called a Push-Pull, which can be easily added to any forklift truck.
2.Slip Sheet handling can save on your employees’ energy expenditure, increase loading efficiency, and of course, most importantly, decrease your shipping costs.

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1Q.How do I determine which type of slip sheet to use?

There are many different types of slip sheets because there are various applications for slip sheets. It all depends on the application. If you are using the sheet to divide layers of product or to protect the product from the pallet then you can use a corrugated or chipboard sheet. We call this a pallet pad or divider sheet. The most common type of slip sheet is used to replace wooden pallets. This type of slip sheet we refer to as a Push-pull slip sheet. These sheets are used with a Push/Pull attachment that goes onto your fork lift truck. This sheet must be strong enough to pull the full weight of your unitized load. Therefore, this sheet is made of all Virgin kraft linerboard

2Q: What accessories do I need when using slip sheet?

1. Push &Pull attachment
2. Boarding bridge lifting platform
3. Forklift

3Q: Are your slip sheets environmentally friendly?

Yes, our sheets are environmentally friendly. Our sheets are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. They Weigh much less than a wooden pallet so you are able to ship more products in a truck with a slip sheet. This reduces fuel costs and the amount of fuel consumed.

4Q: How do I know the size and thickness of the sheet need?

A :
Our technicians Will be happy to work with you to determine a thickness and size for you.
We Will need to know how much weight you are pulling to recommend the thickness. We will also need to know the size of your load area and if you will need to pull from one two, three, or all four sides of the slip sheet We can then determine the size of the sheet.

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NG BE C 2005192701
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2020-11-04 16:00:00
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Calcium Chloride Desiccant
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Chemicals>>Catalysts and Chemical Auxiliaries>>Chemical Auxiliaries

Detection Item:
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2020-09-24 15:00:00
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dunnage air bag
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Packaging and Printing>>Transportation Packaging>>Container Filled Air Bag

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2021-01-25 16:00:00
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2031-04-24 15:00:00
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Shanghai Dream-Mao Packing Technology Co., Ltd.
Welcome to Shanghai Dream-mao Packing Technology Co, Ltd, located in the international metropolis Shanghai, China With the more than fifteen years production history, our main products are Kraft Paper dunnage air bag, PP Woven dunnage bag, Ratchet tie down(ratchet lashing).
Slip Sheet, Anti-slip Paper, Straps(PP strap, PET strap) Tray, Paper angle etc. logistic auxiliary packing materials in the logistic transportation With the professional level and advanced technology in packing field, our producthas been sold directly far to Europe, UK, New Zealand, Italy, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, India, Vietnam. And feedbacks are well received by customers with high quality and reasonable price Our company is still stick to its tenet of: Integrity Management, Quality Oriented, continually providing satisfied products Our company location is superior, 30km from Pudong Air Port, 35minutes way time: 4 5km from Hongqiao Air Port, 45minutes way time 30km from Yangshan Port 30 minutes way time, Welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company

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