Мгновенный порошок зеленого чая это новый тип порошка зеленого чая мгновенного приготовления, изготовленного из холодного и горячего сухого чая маття с молоком (1600361495119)

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Product Overview



Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine
PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.

Product Description


Product Name
Matcha powder
 all kinds of bags / filter paper tea bags / boxes / cans / bottles / boxes, etc
1.100% black tea
2.Accept OEM service,private logo and label
3.100% naturalingredients
4.00% pure natural raw material black tea powder, without any special addition, special extraction process, very good taste,
suitable for tea & Beverage & food, etc
5.The powder is loose, free of caking, no visible impurities, green powder No preservatives, pigments, flavors, etc.
6.The finished product is uniform and fine, stable, good solubility and low moisture content, which can prolong the storage period,
Reduce the cost of storage, transportation and packaging;
7.The utilization rate of raw materials is high, and its requirements for raw materials are not high, especially for the size and
shape of raw materials;
8.High purity, pure flavor, original flavor, quality assurance, natural color, good instant solubility, no stratification No
preservatives, flavors and pigments added.
storage conditions
 1. 1kg self sealing bag, aluminum foil bag, 5kg carton, 10kg, 25kg cardboard barrel
 2. It can also bepackaged according to customer requirements
 3. Store in a dry and cool place, avoid sunlight and high temperature
product application
Beverage preparation, tablet candy, meal substitute powder, baking coloring, etc

Brewing method: take out the tea bag, the water temperature is just right at 80 ° C, pour 300-500ml of hot water, take out the tea。bag after 2 minutes, and brew more than 3 cups.

Product packaging

For herbal tea, we can provide you with filter paper tea bags, triangle bags, transparent bags, double-layer packaging, strip packaging and square packaging. You can contact us at any time to tell us your needs.

We can provide bulk, bagged, boxed, canned, bottled, gift boxed, etc. You can also provide customized samples.

About us
We are located in Bozhou City, China's largest traditional Chinese medicine market, the largest herbal tea distribution center and the hometown of Hua Tuo, an ancient miracle doctor. There are four stable cooperative large-scale processing plants, processing flower tea, combined tea, substitute tea, gypsum, powder, traditional tonic, powder, sugar, herbal tea, tea bag, seed, etc. The cooperative enterprise has the State Food and drug administration
The quality of the GMP certificate issued by the bureau is controlled by the GMP management system. We produce 2 million bags of tea every day, which can supply more than 1100 kinds of agricultural and sideline products and traditional Chinese medicine. Spruce e-commerce company is committed to providing you with innovative products to help you improve your health and quality of life. We guarantee the purity and effectiveness of our products, strictly control the quality, and only
Use the best ingredients. Spruce follows a set of standard current good manufacturing practices (CGMP).

We can better provide good products
We can better provide good products
Following the modern health concept, Picea nutrition has been cooperating with third-party scientific research institutions, medical groups and organizations to explore new fields of human health. By constantly improving our knowledge and value, we are committed to finding more solutions for customers and making them really feel the happiness brought by a healthy life.
We have been carefully controlling the quality of each process. With strong expertise and decades of experience, professionals in the research team work closely with each other to develop balanced and efficient formulas. We ensure that every ingredient is safe and of high quality. All our products are produced according to high standards to help our customers obtain the most satisfactory results.

Brand value
Brand value
Spruce is an evergreen plant widely distributed in the north temperate zone. It grows luxuriantly, has deep roots and luxuriant leaves, is slightly resistant to shade, and can resist dry and cold environmental conditions. It grows at an altitude of 2400-3600 meters. After rooting and germination, it grows rapidly and develops well. This is a vigorous and energetic tree.
Spruce has tall and straight trunk, soft material, uniform texture, fine structure, few nodes, easy processing, long life cycle and good resonance performance. It is an excellent wood tree species. The characteristics of spruce tree, such as not afraid of cold, tenacious life, rapid growth and easy success, are consistent with the value and name of our spruce brand. Over the years, we have been deeply rooted in the nutritional food market, carefully understand the needs of users, and strive to provide consumers with safe and high-quality dietary nutritional supplements. Just like the vitality of spruce, we are rooted in the nutritional food industry and afforestation.

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