В домашних условиях с одеялом устойчивая к жеванию кровать для собак больших средних и маленьких собак и кошек с услугой прямой поставки

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Custom dog calming sofa comfort and soft sofa for dog、cat

1.SUPPORTS BETTER SLEEP: Our high-quality zippered cat and dog sofa is ideal for pets who love to curl up; The raised rim creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support, while the super soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief.

2.SUPERIOR COMFORT: Cozy, flexible, and finished with vegan faux shag fur, our warming luxury zippered dog sofa is reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat; Paired with deep crevices that allow your pet to burrow, animals will have full, restful sleep for improved behavior and better health.

3.VERSATILE DESIGN and MAINTENANCE: Available in beautifully stain resistant colors, our cat and dog sofas are a seamless addition to any room’s décor; Finished with water and dirt-resistant bottoms, accidental messes will be prevented from reaching your floors; The removable shell is also safe to machine wash and dry (do not leave sofa to air dry, as this will lead to tangling and matting of the fur).

4.PET-SAFE MATERIALS: Our pet sofas are responsibly sourced, made with durable luxurious nylon faux fur and non-toxic premium filling to ensure safety and comfort for you and your pets.

5.WASHABLE DONUT SOFA:This sofa no zippers to fuss with, just throw whole sofa in the machine and tumble dry. clean pet hair convenience and quickly, saves your time to create a comfortable and clean sleeping environment. but we usually recommend hand washing to easy care for the plush dog sofa.


Many of our clients have already had bad experiences with dropshipping directly through Aliexpress (oberlos and dsers also buy from there), where common issues include bad communications, late deliveries, and lost or broken parcels. Such issues can be always problematic for an online store from the Paypal complaints/disputes to the bad reviews of the advertisement account on Facebook.

PT5 provides professional dropshipping services from sourcing, consolidation, inspection, warehousing, repacking, branding, personalization, photography to blind delivery. We also help to check and update the delivery status of each parcel to make sure it will be delivered in time. Guaranteed with our responsible refund policy, all the buyers will be satisfied.

We have two ways to fulfill orders from a shopify (or some other platforms) store:
1) Fulfill according to the exported csv order sheet and reply with the same sheet with the tracking numbers included;
2) Connect to the shopify store and get all the orders information into our system. The tracking numbers will be uploaded from us by a click.


Please just follow the services below to get started step by step. Most of the services are totally free to our dropshipping

1) Sourcing and Quotation(free): Send the product links or the photos of those you have interested. We will source the
same products from 1688.com factories and send you the all included costlist;
2) Samples Collecting (free): We can collect the samples from various suppliers so that the dropshippers can check and compare to get the right supplier;
3) Inspection (free): A video talk will be arranged that we can check the goods together with our clients.
4) Branding: Branding with no moq! Branding on the samples!
5) Photography: Make some unique photos and videos with your logo on the samples.
6) Purchasing (free): We will buy from 1688 factories on your behalf, even from 1pc.
7) Warehousing (2-months free): Prepare your stocks in our warehouse, to speed
up the delivery.
8) Packing and Repacking: To make your goods safe, to make your goods special.
9) Blind Delivery: No stuffs in
Chinese, no factory ads material, as expected. X) Timeline Management (free): To resolve any problems from your buyers.


We charge $0.70/pc to $1.20/pc for all the dropshpping orders less than 2kgs.
The unit cost depends on the weekly orders as below:

$1.20/pc for weekly orders less than 100 pieces;
$1.00/pc for weekly orders between 100-399 pieces;
$0.70/pc for weekly orders above 400 pieces.

For example, a client got some orders in a week that totally reaches 100pcs. The service charge on the orderlist
will be $1.00/pc, in total $100. If the order quantity reaches 400pcs during the next week, the total service charge will be

Seller's option: In case there's a small wholesale order, or any dropshipping order more than 2kgs, we will have
the right to charge 5% of the total cost of the parcel.
For example: the parcel cost plus the freight is totally $50, we will charge for $50*5%=$2.50.

Buyer's option: Once there're parcels less than 100 grams, the buyer has the right to choose the option
to be charge 5% of the total cost.
For example: a small parcel of the bracelet is 100g and the product plus freight cost is
totally $5, the service charge can be $0.25 for this parcel.

Please note that the $1.0/pc price of this service includes neither the product cost nor the freight.

Our Guarantees

We will resend the parcel when:
1) the parcel stuck with no tracking information updated after 30 days;
2) broken or defective products;
3) returned from china custom or forwarder's warehouse;
4) parcels should have sent but not. the above can be also refund with the amount we had charged.

We will not resend or refund:
1) wrong address provided;
2) buyer asked for refund but it's
already in transit (less than 30 days).
3) parcel required to be collected from the local post office once nobody can be reached.
We can do the resending for the above but the cost will be charged from the buyers.

Proofs of the broken or defective products:
1)It's always required a photo to prove the status of the parcel. Please be sure that the product and the shipping bill with the tracking number is in the same photo.
2) We will always resend the parcel at the earliest but if no right proof provided by the
buyer, the cost of the parcel will be added into the next order list.

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