Straw Making Machine for trigger sprayers

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Product Overview


Mold Material
No. Of Cavities
8, 16, 24, 48 or more
Mold Base
P20 steel
Guarantee Mould Life
Injection gate
Hot runner
Delivery Time
45-65working days
Wooden box
Plastic products sample
Provide free

Plastic Trigger Sprayers Mould Main feature
1. Multi-cavity trigger sprayers mould design and tooling abilty
2. High speed injection cycle time
3. Fast & optimal cooling system design for trigger sprayers mould
4. Moldmax material application in mould core & cavity

Mass Production Estimation Test Bafore Shipment
Brilliant Mould has a《Production simulation test standard》, which will simulate the production of different types of molds at different times length. For example, for trigger sprayers mould, our test standard is 24 hours continous running wihout stop. Becalise the mold movements, cooling, ejection and so on , they need a running-in period to be normal. So we can make sure that all the moulds we shipped has gone through a preliminary run-in period and that some protiems can be found during their testing process, because these problems can be solvedin Brilliant with a few hours, while in the user's side, maybe need 10 times time cost.

Precision Tooling Equipment
All of trigger sprayers mold parts are manufactured by CNC equipments.
Independent cooling system of each cavity to ensure the size consistency, temperature-control box included,
Standard interchangeable mold components, Send samples to customers for inspection.

Our workers are fully qualified and skilled at using modern production techniques. Computerized CNC (Computer Numeric Coordinates) Systems (CAD/CAM) produce newmolds with money-saving speed and accuracy. We employ a wide range of manual, automatic and computerized equipment in making moulds.

About Us
Brilliant Mould was established in 2003. It has 16 years of plastic molds experience and more than 10 years of foreign trade experience. Brilliant Mould is engaged in the production and sales of plastic moulds, so it fully accepts OEM services. Support sample customization, we have our own factory and trading department, as well as R & D department and quality control department. Currently, we have exported a variety of plastic moulds to 70 countries, such as the United States, Canada, Poland, Colombia, Belarus, Chile, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. Thanks customers for their long-term cooperation and recognition of our good service attitude, and looking forward that we can establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

A Good Mould Comes From A Good Design
We have the great team of designers who can professionally design products and molds required by all customers.

Trigger Sprayers Mould Produce Process
1. Design 2D 3D trigger sprayers' drawings and confirm with customers;
2. Design 2D 3D trigger sprayer moulds' drawings and confirm with customers;
3. Produce trigger sprayer molds;
4. Write the mold production progress report to customers every week;
5. The mold production is completed and will make the first mold trial;
6. If there is no problem with the product, mail the trigger sprayer sample to the customer for confirmation;
7. If there is the problem with the product, repair the mold and make mold trial again;
8. Mail the sample to the customer, and the customer confirms the sample;
9. Deliver trigger sprayer mold.

Customer Photo
Welcome all customers to visit our factory. Thanks many regulars customers who have established cooperation, such as: the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Mexico ... So every year, many customers come to our factory for project acceptance and cooperation for new orders. Integrity is the basis of our cooperation, and business without integrity is not long-lasting, so we treat our customers with the most sincere heart, and thank many customers for their praise and support for long-term cooperation. We control every detail, pay attention to each customer's feedback to us, and continuously improve to meet the special needs of customers. Also look forward to our cooperation.

1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
A: Factory.
2.Q:What type molds you can make?
A:We can make all kinds of plastic injection molds, but we are very good at the production of packaging molds such as trigger sprayer.
3.Q:Can you make the specific molds according to customers?
4.Q:Can you print customers’ logo?
5.Q: What is the mold design software??
A: CAD,UG etc.
6.Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 45-65 days.
7.Q: Do you provide samples ?
A: Yes, We will provide samples to our customers after the first molds trial by free.
8.Q:How to ensure the quality of the product?
A:We have great R & D department and strict quality control department. We will design and manufacture all kinds of molds according to customer's requirements.

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