Оптовая продажа по заводской цене, нм, UVA 5 мм, Круглый УФ светодиод, излучающий диод

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Product Overview





Features of 5mm UV DIP led:

· Color:Purple

· Single color

· High bright output

· Low power consumption

· High reliability and long life

· Application: traffic lights, signal lights, stop lights, roadblock lights······


Products Name: 5mm Red DIP LED

Part No.Size(mm)ColorλD_Typ(nm)IV(mcd)/Φ(lm)_TypVF_Typ(V)VF_Max(V)IF (mA)View Angle  Typ



Static Electricity

1. Static Electricity or power surge will damage the UV DIP LED.

It is recommended that a wrist band or an anti-electrostatic glove be used when handling the UV DIP LEDs.

2. All production machinery and test instruments must be electrically grounded.

3. Maintain a humidity level of 50% or higher in production areas.

4. Use anti-static packaging for transport and storage.


1. Do not clean UV DIP LEDs with water, Alcohol are recommended solvents for cleaning. When using other solvents, it should be confirmed beforehand whether the solvents will dissolve the resin or not.

2. UV DIP LEDs may be damaged by ultrasonic-washed. Before cleaning, a pre-test should be done to confirm whether any damage to the UV DIP LEDs will occur.




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