Agriculture Garden Plant Use Plastic Tomato Clip

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(I) characteristics of vegetable plant pendant:

(1), greenhouse vegetable plants put it, is to use, to produce high quality plastic greenhouse facilities vegetables wire and fixed plant and quick release device, it can be the wire with efficient rapid fixed plant, and it does not hurt plants, fixed and unlock the easy and fast and efficient, greatly improving the facilities vegetables wire fixation and release efficiency of use, especially suitable for seedling of cucumber, tomato, watermelon and facilities of the melon is fixed, can be recycled at the end of the LaYang secondary use, realizes the food plants and the rapid separation of the wire, saved the seedling and the workload of the wire.

(2) can reduce labor intensity, convenient operation, improve work efficiency, easy to harvest, small and exquisite, low cost, can be reused for more than 3 years.It is mainly used for fixing and quickly and efficiently planting stems and vines of fruits, melons and other facility vegetables. It replaces the traditional way of tying and winding vines and solves the problem of falling vines in the process of plant growth. It plays a promoting role in improving crop yield without any restraint on the plant and makes the plant grow healthily.

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plastic clip
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