Farm Agricultural Gear box Tractor TMR Cattle Feed mixer Rotary lawn Mower Digger Agriculture Tiller 540 Pto Shaft Bevel Gearbox

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An agricultural gearbox is a transmission used in various types of agricultural machinery. These machines include rotary tillers, lawn mowers, feed mixers, fertilizer spreaders etc. Depending on the type of agricultural machinery you own, an agricultural PTO gearbox will play an important role. The agricultural machine gearbox will determine the amount of torque to be applied to the drive wheels and the speed to be achieved. The functionality of these transmissions will also determine the direction of the engine’s rotation.

1. Shell: made of high rigidity fc-25 cast iron;
2. Gear: high purity alloy steel 20crmnt is used for quenching and tempering, carburizing, quenching and grinding;
3. Spindle: high purity alloy steel 40Cr quenching and tempering processing, with high hanging load capacity.
4. Bearing: equipped with tapered roller bearing with heavy load capacity;
5. Oil seal: imported double lip oil seal, with the ability of dust and oil leakage.
Product lubrication:
The use of proper lubricating oil for t spiral bevel gear commutator can give full play to the efficiency of the steering gear and
improve its service life.
1. The initial wear period is two weeks or 100-200 hours. There may be a small amount of metal wear particles between them. Please
clean the interior and replace it with new lubricating oil;
2. In case of long-term use, change the lubricating oil every half a year or 1000-2000 hours.
Technical parameters of T spiral bevel gear commutator:
It can be equipped with single horizontal axis, double horizontal axis, single vertical axis and double vertical axis 1:5, 1:5,
1:1, 1:5, 1:5, 1:1

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