SigilVentus 4 inch high pressure hydroponics ventilation exhaust ec duct fan (1600366854624)

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Price:$38.00 - $65.00
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Product Overview


Product Description



1. Smallest volume in same size, easy to install in family and factory.
2. EC motor technology, only 50% energy cost compared with AC motor duct fan.
3. Jet engine design on the impeller, largest cubic feet per minute in same products.
4. Various size for choice, 4,5,6,8,10 inch.
5. Ball bearing from NSK, NMB.
6. Fire proof impeller, PBT material.
7. Cold rolled stell housing with anti-rust coloring.
8. Exclusive patent on design and EC technology.
9. Three types controller: 8 speed level controller, Remote controller, Thermal controller.
10. Individual package with expandable polystyrene for safety delivery and retailing.
11. Detected by authoritative organizations, are popular in US,CA,AU,EU area.

Quality Control

1. Full test before delivery
2. Acoustic spectrum analysis for EC motor.
3. Whole sealing silent test room for every made-up articles.
4. Aging test.
5. Controller crash test.
6. Overload test.
7. Impeller blance test.
8. Using temperature test.

After-sales service

Two years limited warranty.

Business Model

1. Do not support OEM/ODM.
2. SigilVentus will recruit limited members as our agent in same area.
3. Offering suggestion retailing price.
3. Withour member fees.
4. MOQ 1 pcs.




Q1: Why are your products so expensive?
A1: Five years research on EC motor using on Duct fan, finally invented this EC inline duct fan with intelligent controller. All the materials from Duct fan to package, we choose the best quality and promise the ability when you received. Focusing on the intelligent, powerful, energy saving and environment products and best user experience.

Q2: Is there any difference between SigilVentus with other exhaust fan?
A2: Traditional exhaust fan with ceiling styles is smaller CFM, lower static pressure. Static pressure is a important factor on fans sucking speed. If there is strong wind outside, traditional exhaust fan may not work perfectly. But our EC inline duct fan, Max speed 5000 RPM with 500 Pa static pressure, no matter what the outside environment and pipe length is, 100% data CFM and sucking rate.

Q3: Why would I buy your duct fan not from others? There are also many styles duct fan in China.
A3: EC motor is an unique technology which is belonged to our company exclusive patent. At the same size, we have larger air flow, higher air pressure and only half of energy cost than other duct fan. What's more, intelligent controller can help you to control our products with various ways. 8 level speed control match all the speed demands and thermal controller ensure the 24 hours auto using.

Q4: SigilVentus noise level is so high, I am afraid of its sound will influence people inside the room.
A4: Our noise test obey the international test standard, taking one meter test without the pipe. So it may show high level. When you are using in reality, duct fan usually connected with pipe and set up on the attic or ceiling. In this way, people will not influence by this sound. Besides, we do have silenced model for your choice.
Q5: Is it supported if I want to change a controller?
A5: There is no doubt it is supported. Just using another controller connect with the duct fan. Our duct fan support all three styles controller.

Q6: Can you make OEM?
A6: Sorry, this brand SigilVentus does't make OEM. We do our own brand, but you can become our agent.

Q7: Can I visit your factory?
A7: We are glad to invite you to check our factory if you have time. I can also take photo or video for your reference.

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