Facial sets silicone jar cups massage set face therapy eye and body vacuum cellulite suction chinese medicine silicone cupping

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                      product standard
1. Specifications: S-code Weight: 2g Size: length 50mm* width 15mm* caliber 9mm 
2. Specifications: M code Weight: 19.4g
Size:length 82mm* width 40mm* caliber 21mm
 3 .Specifications: L code weight: 33.5g Size: length 80mm* width 55mm* caliber 38mm 
4.Specifications: XL weight: 80g size: length 80mm* width 70mm* caliber 50mm

Product functions and instructions
Cupping therapy is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy in China. I believe that many people, especially the elderly, will not
be unfamiliar with it, because of its simple and convenient operation, and it was once regarded as an important family daily
treatment method by the people. This therapy is to eliminate the air in the tank with the aid of heat, use negative pressure to
make its suck at the skin, cause a kind of method of yu blood phenomenon. Some people think that this therapy can eliminate cold
and remove dampness, dredging meridians, removing stasis, activating qi and blood, detumescence and analgesia, removing poison and
eliminating heat, with the function of adjusting the balance of Yin and Yang of the human body, relieving fatigue and enhancing
physical fitness, so as to achieve the purpose of fuzhengquxie and curing diseases

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